The ‘Blue Mountain State’ Movie Arrives With A Trailer & Release Date

By January 16, 2016

Do you ever watch a show and say “how the hell did they get that approved for TV?”  Whether it’s nudity, drug use or nude drug use with a goat; Blue Mountain State was that show.

Centered around a fictitious college football team called the Mountain Goats; Blue Mountain State was about the filthy, wild antics of drunk and mislead college youth. Like if  Superbad had an illegitimate child with Necessary Roughness while drunk on  American Pie 2 while dancing with Workaholics on ESPN’s Playmakers.

Somehow things are about to get even filthier now that Lionsgate has announced that Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland will be released February 2nd, 2016 on digital and VOD format after raising $2 million dollars on Kickstarter. The films IMDB synopsis just reads:

When Thad goes pro into the NFL, he has a clean slate in life to start a new one.

It’s like Thad (Alan Ritchson) wrote it himself. Apparently the story centers around Thad moving on as an NFL millionaire until a new Dean tries to auction the goat house. Upon which time he only agrees to help if they agree to throw the greatest booze and sloot fest of all time and call it Thadland. It’s like Inception only gross and hilarious and not at all like Inception. You know what? Here’s the trailer:

Depending on how your boat floats you’re either completely un-interested in this or totally psyched. Which is it, GeekNation? Stay tuned for more updates on shows your mom still won’t let you watch.

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