‘The Conjuring’s’ Annabelle Doll Might Be Getting Her Own Spin-Off

By November 11, 2013


Despite this year’s crowded movie marketplace, director James Wan was able to break through twice in 2013 with two very creative and very creepy outings: his Insidious sequel and the (probably) franchise-starting The Conjuring. The latter film had plenty of creepy stuff to keep it ticking right along – classic haunted house scares paired with the perceived veracity of being pulled from an Ed and Lorraine Warren case film made a formidable duo – so it’s no surprise that Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema are already hard at work on a sequel, but what if that’s not the only terrifying bit set to spring forth from the first film?

Over at Schmoes Know, the Schmoes vow that a spin-off of The Conjuring that’s focused on that terrifying Annabelle doll is imminent and will come to the screen with the first film’s director of photography, John R. Leonetti, taking over directorial duties. There’s no word on what the film’s plot will center on (after all, the doll’s origin story did make an appearance in The Conjuring), but considering that the doll is still locked up in the Warrens’ museum, they’ll probably be going back in time for this one.


(While the news that Annabelle might be getting her own film isn’t surprising, we’re still taking the Schmoes’ story with a big grain of salt, as they don’t even refer to the potential main character by the correct name throughout their exclusive piece.)

If you want to read up on Annabelle straight from the Warrens’ own website (which is a treasure trove of creepy), head on over to her dedicated section right here. Oh, and maybe turn your sound way down, because damn if that page doesn’t open with its own insanely unsettling soundtrack. Also of note – did you realize that the real Annabelle is actually a vintage Raggedy Ann doll? And be sure to check out our own account from one of our reporters who visited the home and saw the Annabelle doll in person.

The Schmoes also report that the film is aiming to start filming in spring of next year, so there’s plenty of time to stoke your nightmares (and stay far away from creepy dolls) until then.

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