The Coolest (Or Creepiest) Thing You’ll Ever See: Joker’s “Trophy Room”

By April 6, 2015

You may not know the name of actor/filmmaker Anthony Misiano right now, but if you’ve been to a convention in the last few years, odds are you’ve taken a pic of him dressed as the most recognizable villain in the DC Universe.


Over the last few years, Misiano’s made a name for himself with his hyper-realistic (and scary as hell) depiction of Joker from the Alan Moore/Brian Bolland one-shot graphic novel “The Killing Joke,” in which Barbara Gordon is brutalized and paralyzed by Joker — and just happens to be my absolute favorite graphic novel of all-time.


And if THAT weren’t enough, his beautiful girlfriend shares his passion with HER amazing cosplay as Joker’s #1 girl, Harley Quinn.

But the reason I’m here is because on April Fool’s Day, Misiano decided to take one of Bolland’s commissioned works and — according an interview with Misiano for Live Magazine — 45 individual shots (including 16 of JUST the Joker) later, we have this.


My God, it’s beautiful and scary all at once. A side-by-side comparison like this shows you EXACTLY why those 45 shots were needed. Misiano HAS made this into a poster print but odds are it’s gone, daddy, gone. HOWEVER, if you’d like to see more of his handiwork and find out where you can buy one of his works, be sure to hit the Facebook page — appropriately named Harley’s Joker — that features more Joker goodness.

Anthony Misiano is ridiculously good looking in real life AND as The Joker…and I’m MORE than okay with that.

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  • Mikey Silva

    Wow, the resemblance is scarily similar alright 😮