The 9 Craziest Celebrity Twitter Feuds

By December 3, 2012

Celebrity publicists must be ruing the day Twitter was born. Because some big name celebrities are THROWING DOWN on the popular social network. Can you say #prdisasters?

Chris Brown and Jenny Johnson

The latest celeb Twitter feud was between world-famous feuder and all around jerk, Chris Brown and comedy writer Jenny Johnson. She had the nerve to call him a worthless piece of sh*t via RT and he responded by acting like a worthless piece of sh*t.  Surprise, surprise. The good news it finally made him quit Twitter. If only it made him quit being in the public eye.

John Mayer and Perez Hilton

After Hilton was assaulted by the Black Eyed Peas’, Mayer took to Twitter to basically say ‘HA! HA!’. Hilton got all crybaby. Sadly for him, pretty much everyone in the world agreed with Mayer. Not that we condone violence or anything.

Kirstie Alley and George Lopez

George Lopez went the way of the hack comedian, when he tweeted that Alley, then appearing on Dancing With the Stars, was a pig. Pretty much apropos of nothing…unless they have a beef I’m unaware of? Alley took it in stride and insulted Lopez via tweet calling him a drunk. So yeah, pretty much went into the gutter with him.

Don Lemon and Jonah Hill

Lemon had a run in with Hill and wrote a tweet accusing Hill of treating him like the help. Hill accused Lemon of acting like a 12 year old girl. The two went back in forth over who was rude to whom and it got so nasty that a CNN colleague suggested that maybe their love of marijuana could finally bring them together. No word yet if this smokeout summit has taken place.

Miranda Lambert and Chris Brown

Seriously, this whole list could be filled with Chris Brown feuds!  When Brown appeared at the 2012 Grammys, after he had plead guilty to assaulting girlfriend Rihanna, Lambert tweeted her disappointment that he was welcomed with a standing ovation. Brown tweeted that the Grammy-winning country singer was just a jealous hater. Lambert responded by dedicating her song Gunpowder & Lead to him at a concert the next night. Total badass.

Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell

After O’Donnell compared Trump to Lord Voldemort, The Donald called Rosie a loser and a failure on Twitter. O’Donnell struck back insulting Trump with the pretty amusing hashtag #bankruptmuch?. Trump took a breather from hating to wish O’Donnell well after her recent heart attack. Guess there’s a soft side under all that fake hair.

Ciara and Rihanna

These two beauties came to verbal blows on Twitter after an apparent run-in at some fancy shindig. They accused each other of getting gangsta and threatened to take one another out the next time they came face-to-face. Not very lady-like, ladies. The worst part? The mutual hate stemmed from the fact that they both wanted Chris Brown all to themselves. For real, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

Kourtney Kardashian and Farrah Abraham (Teen Mom)

The Teen Mom star hilariously tweeted that she was shocked to find out that Kardashian was pregnant for the second time and then expressed hope that the pregnancy was fake like Kim’s wedding.  “Has she learned nothing from Teen Mom?”, she inquired! Pretty funny stuff.  Apparently she didn’t get the memo that Kourtney is actually 32 years old. Don’t worry, Kardashian schooled her good.

Courtney Love and Lily Allen

Courtney went bonkers on Twitter going after Allen, calling her ‘plump’ and a  ‘feral woofy dog’.  What did Allen do to set off Love? She tweeted this incredibly unflattering picture:

Actually I have to side with Courtney on this one. Cause that just ain’t right!

Have you ever been in a Tweet feud? Tell us all the juicy details in the comments below!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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