The CW Nabs Wentworth Miller to Play Captain Cold in ‘The Flash’

By July 18, 2014

Once again, the TCAs (Television Critics Association) does not disappoint as word comes down the pike from “Arrow” exec producer Greg Berlanti that Wentworth Miller will guest star on “The Flash” as villain Leonard Snart/Captain Cold in this season’s fourth episode.

Captain Cold

Leader of the Rogues, Captain Cold started out as a common thief but invented a gun that allows him to freeze anything it hits. He pretty much hates all iterations of The Flash: he despises Barry Allen with a passion, became frenemies with Wally West (the third Flash), and – SPOILER ALERT – in the comics, he’s one of the cats who killed the fourth Flash, Bart Allen (Barry’s nephew).

Played by Michael Champion (above) in the original 1990 TV series, it’ll be exciting to see the “Prison Break” star tackle the role this time around. Since Wentworth Miller has a RIDICULOUSLY awesome body, I’m sure his costume’s gonna be uber-form fitting – but his acting has to be on point too, or it’s all for naught.

And remember when I asked about what they were gonna do about Dr. Martin Stein when news broke of Robbie Amell joining the cast as Firestorm? Thanks to THR, I now have an answer (sort of) as Berlanti himself said there’s a “good chance” Dr. Stein will show up sooner or later.

COO of DC Comics/exec producer, Geoff Johns says that, “We’ve incorporated almost everything from the mythology into it and added a whole new backstory. [The Flash] is probably the most faithful DC adaptation ever.” That’s something that should excite fans of the comics.

Guess we’ll see when “The Flash” premieres on October 7th, right? But what do you think about this casting? And who should they get to play Dr. Stein?

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