‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ Trailer Promises the Same Seat & That’s About It

By August 18, 2015

Jon Stewart has hosted The Daily Show with a steady hand for over a decade, but following his recent departure from the series, audiences have already begun preparing for the new version, this time hosted by Trevor Noah. The young host is set to take over for the veteran late next month, and to say that he has a lot to live up to, is an understatement. Stewart managed to completely revitalize and breathe new life into the lungs of The Daily Show during his long run as its host, so it’ll be interesting to see what Noah’s plans are in terms of keeping the series alive.

The first official trailer for the new series dropped online earlier today, giving fans their first taste at the kind of comedy and personality Noah will be bringing to the show. Check out the small trailer below:

The trailer seemed to perfectly blend the tone and mission of The Daily Show into a simple 30-second clip. It started out serious, as the news coverage of the series is, and managed to end with a laugh and smile, like the written jokes and segments aim to do. Whether or not the actual episodes themselves will be able to balance the two tones will have to wait to be seen though, but the trailer certainly pulled it off.

While it didn’t show much – the last few seconds in specific, managed to perfectly get across the kind of comedy I think the audiences can look forward to in this new reincarnation of The Daily Show. There’s been a lot of negativity and skepticism pointed the new host’s way too from long-time fans of Jon Stewart and what he managed to bring to that series, but it looks like the future of The Daily Show is in more than safe, if not slightly more juvenile, hands.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is set to premiere on Comedy Central on September 28th.

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