The Eight Best Kills From The Past Five Seasons of ‘Breaking Bad’

By September 26, 2013

Breaking-Bad-Logo-2I’m about to break some serious news on all your faces. “Breaking Bad” is ending this Sunday! I know, I just murdered all your hopes and dreams. Well, those of you living underneath the biggest of rocks may not have known this. But if you are anything like me (and I know at least one of you is), you have been constantly theorizing and picking apart each episode leading up to the highly anticipated series finale. Upon any Google search, one can find links to multiple theories on how the show will end, thought provoking easter eggs from all five seasons and many upon many episode recaps. Being the fan of the show that I am, I really wanted to write something as an homage to the series; after racking my brain, I decided it’s best to keep it simple.

With all that said, I’ve put together a simple little list of the eight best kills from the show. Here’s hoping Sunday’s episode doesn’t outdo any of these. But who am I kidding, it probably will!

Emilio (Season 1, Episode 1: “Pilot”, Episode 2: “Cat’s In The Bag”)

breaking-bad-emilioHere we are back at one. It was during his first drug deal that Walter White was forced into revealing his method in making his now infamous blue meth to Emilio and Krazy-8. To refresh your memory, these two low level thugs were associates of Jesse’s. However, circumstances have led them to this moment where the two in question have arrived with the intention of killing Mr. White once they had the secret recipe in hand. Walt gets the best of them and mixes up a deadly concoction in the back of his RV and thusly traps them inside. This then leads to the crazy opening sequence in the pilot of gas mask-wearing, tighty-whitey-sporting Walter White and Jesse Pinkman racing down the highway.

I’d be remiss not to mention episode 2 where Emilio’s dead body gets a hydrofluoric acid bath in Jesse Pinkman’s bathtub…

Victor (Season 4, Episode 1: “Box Cutter”)

Breanking Bad (Season 4)Gustavo Fring is one of the baddest baddies to grace the small screen in recent years (dare I say ever?). A highly intellectual business man, his actions speak louder than his words. Still, this moment was rather jarring. His assistant Victor has failed to thwart Jesse from bringing Walt’s plan to murder Gale Boetticher to fruition. In response, Gus dons a hazmat suit, pulls out the box cutter blade and simply slides it across poor Victor’s throat. He couldn’t off Walt, who he needed, nor Jesse, who Walt needed, so his frustration and anger fell on the only other option in the room. And no, Mike was definitely NOT an option yet.

Spooge (Season 2, Episode 6: “Peekaboo”)

breaking-bad-spoogeThis is definitely one of those scenes that feels like Vince Gilligan and Co. wanted to compete with the gore from Emilio’s acid bath scene I referenced above. So two meth heads steal an ATM during a fit of “genius” as they’ll soon be in all the money. Jesse, being one unlucky sonofabitch, is stuck in their dingy little pad. The whole scene comes to a rather icky ending as Spooge’s (yes his name is Spooge) girlfriend gets enraged by a passing insulting remark. In turn, while Spooge is under the machine attempting to break it open, his lady friend simply nudges it forward causing it to squash the tweaker’s head like a melon. What’s left of Spooge but…well…spooge?

The Cousins (Season 3, Episode 7: “One Minute”)

breaking-bad-the-cousins-2Definitely one of Breaking Bad’s most edge of your seat action sequences, here we find Hank Schrader in his car in an average looking parking lot. Minding his own business, he receives a call from voice disguised Gus Fring advising him that the silent killer Salamanca brothers are on their way to exact revenge for the murder of Tuco. The scene below finds Hanks fighting for his life using anything at his disposal, be it his SUV or discarded gun, to survive. Hank Schrader fights for his life in a crowded parking lot with any weapon at his disposal, from guns to his SUV. The tension here is high and it comes down to the last second for Hank to reign victorious, but he’s also injured and damaged in more ways than one.

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Gale Boetticher (Season 3, Episode 13 “Full Measure”)

Breaking-Bad-Gale-BoetticherPoor Gale. Poor, poor Gale. He may have been in a bad business but on all accounts, Mr. Boetticher here was mild mannered and as innocent one could possibly be when they cook crystal meth for a living. The honeymoon in his partnership with Walt was shortlived as soon as Walt discovers Gus’ intentions in replacing him with Gale to oversee the lab full time. In turn, Walt convinces Jesse to murder Boetticher as this is their only chance to remain alive; without Gale, Gus will have no choice but to keep them employed to continue manufacturing the “Blue Sky” formula. (This is the precursor to Gus’ decision to kill Victor.)

Mike Ehrmantraut (Season 5, Episode 7: “Say My Name”)

breaking-bad-mikeThis is one of those scenes that gets me right in the gut no matter how many times I watch it. Mike was on his way out. His getaway was planned and this meeting with Walt was sure to be his last – and it was, just not in the way he planned. As we’ve seen time and time again on “Breaking Bad,” Walter White’s single worst flaw is his unrelenting pride. This flaw is what drives him to kill Mike. In a fit of rage, simply because Mike pissed him off, Walt shoots him right in the gut. It’s petty and pointless and Walt realizes this almost immediately. The final few minutes of Mike Ehrmantraut’s life is as close to calm and serene as this show can probably get. Slumped over from the wound in his stomach, staring out at the lake in front of him, he quietly growls at Walt to “Shut the f*ck up and let me die in peace.”

ASAC Hank Schrader (Season 5, Episode 14: “Ozymandias”)

breaking-bad-hankEpisode 14 of “Breaking Bad’s” fifth season will probably go down as one of the greatest hours of television to ever grace TVs, ever. This moment, right here, has instigated much talk and probably many screams of disbelief. It’s agonizing to watch yet also a beautifully written end to the character of ASAC Hank Schrader. After Walter White is cuffed and arrested by his brother-in-law, the cavalry he thought he called off appears. Lead by creep in charge simply known as Uncle Jack, the scene in episode 13 ends in a massive shoot out. Episode 14 opens in the aftermath. We see Hank injured and crawling to the shotgun nearby, alluding to the previous shootout he was involved in with The Cousins. This time, however, his fate is immediately cemented in everyone’s mind except Walt’s, who somehow doesn’t see his end coming. And Hank’s demise is the final straw that causes Walt’s empire and family to crumble.

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Gus Fring (Season 4, Episode 10: “Face Off”)

breaking-bad-gus-fringThrough all of the jaw-dropping scenes, this is the one that still holds the top spot. Since season two, Gustavo Fring has been Walter White’s cold-hearted nemesis. It was rather clear that for Walt to win, Gus had to die but being such a “big bad” for the series, he couldn’t just experience an end that didn’t have any proverbial bells and whistles. It was at the end of this elaborate plot, where Walt manipulated Jesse into believing Gus was behind the poisoning of his girlfriend’s boy, and with the help of Gus’ years-old enemy Hector Salamanca, that Walt succeeded in destroying Fring with an improvised explosive rigged to Salamanca’s wheelchair in a nursing home. The result of the blast led to half-faced Gus Fring exiting the room to fix his tie before collapsing dead. And in taking the place of this monster, Walt confirms he is every bit as bad as Gus by stating on the phone to Skyler, “I won”.

With the Breaking Bad series finale quickly approaching, I’m curious to read your thoughts. What are some of the best jaw-dropping moments that I didn’t mention? How do you think the show will end? What’s the deal with the pink teddy bear? Sound off below and let’s celebrate all the bad things!

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