‘The Expendables 3’ Director to Helm ‘The Raid’ Remake

By February 21, 2014

First of all, it seems important to qualify this news a bit: there’s absolutely zero reason to remake Gareth Huw Evans’ The Raid for an English-language audience. Zero. Just see the original. Just wait for the sequel. Just get hip to subtitles if that’s holding you back.

That said, hey! The Raid remake has a director now! The Wrap reports that Patrick Hughes is officially set to the direct the film, snagging the gig thanks to the strength of his work on Aussie Western Red Hill (a lo-fi indie that has style to spare) and his upcoming work on The Expendables 3 (no comment). The outlet reports that Hughes’ deal with Screen Gems is done, and the director and studio plan to start filming the new feature this autumn.

The new take on the material has been penned by Brad Inglesby (the Black List writer who wrote last year’s Out of the Furnace) and apparently comes with Evans’ approval – he will produce the film, even as he is busy hyping his first Raid sequel and prepping the third film in the apparent trilogy.


Although no one has been cast in the film as of yet, rumors have begun circulating that Chris and Liam Hemsworth could star — a fair enough fit, as the crime film centers on a pair of brothers on opposite sides of the law. As The Wrap notes, the first film “followed an Indonesian S.W.A.T. team tasked with storming a building where a violent gangster and his thugs reign over innocent residents. One young cop has a mission of his own – to rescue his drug-dealing brother from the chaos inside” and although “the remake will feature a similar storyline…it may be difficult for Hollywood stars to perform the brutal hand-to-hand fight scenes and other stunts with the same intensity as the original film’s martial arts experts.”

Considering that one of the best and boldest parts of both Raid films is eye-popping action and unbelievable fighting sequences, it seems paramount that the team behind this new Raid doesn’t abandon what made Evans’ films so original (read: get some great stunt people or just cast fighters who want to both act and throw down).

Do you want to see a remake of The Raid? Or do you prefer to stick with the originals?

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Kate Erbland
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  • I must agree – I’m not always against remakes, but there’s really no reason to remake The Raid. What are the chances the Hemsworth brothers – or any mainstream Hollywood actors – are going to be able to replicate the martial arts fighting style that made the original so great? Probably not good. I hope The Expendables 3 is good, though.

    • The only real reason to remake this movie is money. No?

  • Michael I Payton

    I must also concur. I enjoyed The Raid but I fail to see the logic in this one. Was there something that was left unexplored in the first one? It is hard save a paycheck to explain this remake. I can’t believe you as a director would think this one would be a feather in your cap.