‘The Flash’ Cast Shares Who They Think Will Win in ‘Batman v Superman’

By March 15, 2016

If you thought that the promotion and marketing for DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice might slow down now that the film is only ten days away from its theatrical release, man, you were wrong. Following the release of a new and (hopefully) final international trailer yesterday, the film has released two new featurettes for the upcoming tentpole film as well.

The first, presented by Doritos, delves deeper into the main triangle of conflict controlling the film’s story between Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), and the puppet master-esque Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), as well as revealing some new, cool footage.

Suffice to say, Batman does not think having superpowers makes you brave, Supes:

And in the second, better and much more fun featurette for the film, the cast of The Flash share their thoughts on who they think will win between the two comic book titans, cause just even though the two properties aren’t connected, that doesn’t mean the studios can’t take a little advantage of some cross-title promotion, right?

I will say, it is interesting to see how much the cast’s choices seem to reflect their characters. Of course, Gustin would pick Superman because of his powers and strict moral code, while Cisco might pick him because of his level of sexiness. Everything is a factor, after all.

Honestly though, this is the kind of fun, hype-worthy promotional materials that I would have liked to have seen for the film all along, similar to the recent Batman v Supermanthemed Omaze videos as well, cause you can release all the posters and trailers in the world, but I feel like this is the kind of stuff that actually gets fans amped after a while. What better way to get excited for a movie, than to see other superheroes getting excited for it too?

The Flash airs every Tuesday night on the CW, while Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will hit theatres on March 25th.

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