‘The Flash’: Dominic Purcell Cast as Heat Wave

By September 3, 2014

Looks like a “Prison Break” reunion is brewing on The CW’s “The Flash,” but if The Fastest Man Alive has anything to say about it, these two characters are going to stay behind bars.

THR reports that Dominic Purcell has been cast in the upcoming superhero drama as a villain alongside his former co-star Wentworth Miller, who was cast as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold back in July. Purcell will play Mick Rory, a pyromaniac who becomes the villainous Heat Wave when he teams up with Captain Cold, and this will mark the first time the two actors have appeared together since “Prison Break” went off the air five years ago. Miller will first appear in the fourth episode of the first season (and Purcell’s character will reportedly be “heard from” in that episode as well, whatever that means), but Purcell is confirmed to be scheduled to appear in the 10th episode.

Prison Break

DC is doing a great job of building a connected TV universe for their comic book properties, with tons of crossover between “Arrow” and “The Flash” already planned. That’s something they’re obviously looking to do in the film world as well, but it looks like they’re using TV as a way to test those storytelling waters and make sure they can keep things aligned properly. Check out an extended trailer for “The Flash,” which debuts on October 7th on The CW:

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