‘The Flash’ Movie Eyeing ‘Dope’ Actress Kiersey Clemons For Female Lead

By July 8, 2016

Following several set visit reports from a couple weeks ago, the hype around Ezra Miller’s DCEU version of Barry Allen/The Flash has increased exponentially, with many calling him the standout cast member in next year’s Justice League film. After his 2018 standalone movie landed Dope director Rick Famuiywa recently as well, it looks like casting for the film’s other roles and supporting characters may be starting up again.

Famuyiwa may be planning a reunion with one of his Dope stars as well, with Variety reporting that Neighbors 2 and Dope actress, Kiersey Clemons is being eyed by the studio to play the female lead in the film, rumored to be Iris West, Barry’s friend, love interest, and eventual wife in the comics. Famuyiwa will be directing based on a script from the original director, Seth Grahame-Smith, which was based on a treatment by Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

THR‘s Borys Kit adds that both Rita Ora and Lucy Boynton are currently up for the role of Iris as well, though it sounds like Clemons is the frontrunner right now, which makes sense considering her history with Famuyiwa.

Clemons has emerged as one of the most promising up-and-coming young actresses in the industry as well, after receiving her breakout turn in Dope last year, and solid roles in both Extant and Transparent on TV. She’s also set to star in Little Bitches and the Flatliners remake currently, though The Flash standalone movie would easily be her biggest break yet. Iris is currently being portrayed by Candice Patton on the TV version of The Flash as well, and like Miller, she’ll have the difficult task of separating her version from Patton’s, if this does come end up coming to fruition.

The Flash is set to hit theatres in 2018.

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