‘The Flash’ Movie Will Feature Another ‘Justice League’ Member

By August 17, 2016

Right now, Ezra Miller’s iteration of Barry Allen/The Flash is shaping up to be one of the most exciting aspects of the DCEU currently,  with the positive fan reception to his footage in the Justice League trailer at San Diego Comic-Con and the comforting behind-the-scenes details that have been related to his performance as the character so far.

After making a brief cameo in Suicide Squad earlier this year as well,  Miller’s own standalone Flash film is already shaping up to be an exciting one with Dope filmmaker Rick Famuyiwa on at the helm and Kiersey Clemons cast as Iris West.

Now, Variety is reporting that Ray Fisher’s Cyborg will reportedly have a role in the 2018 standalone film as well, though details regarding the size and substance of his role in it are being kept under wraps for the time being. After being introduced briefly to the fans in Batman v Superman and the Justice League trailer as well, Cyborg and Flash’s relationship is reportedly a stronger one than fans might expect it to be, so hopefully, his inclusion in the film continue to make the DCEU more of a cohesive universe onscreen. Hopefully.

It should be noted as well that Fisher’s Cyborg was seen to be created by one of the Mother Boxes in the films, which are said to be the goal of Steppenwolf’s mission in Justice League, the New God seen conversing with Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor in one of the Batman v Superman scenes and the uncle of Darkseid, a DC comics character rumored to be the main villain in one of the future Justice League movies as well.

I can only imagine how much focus is going to be put on Cyborg’s relationship with the Mother Boxes moving forwards, at least in Justice League, though it’s hard to know for sure what exactly his role is going to be in The Flash, and makes you wonder if we could expect to see any other Justice League stars appearing in the film as well. Nonetheless, it looks like Barry’s hopes of making “friends” may already be paying off well for him.

The Flash is set to hit theatres on March 16th, 2018.

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