‘The Flash’ Season 3’s Villainous Speedster Revealed

By August 11, 2016

The creative team working on The Flash always seem to do a good job at making their villains as mysterious and unknown as possible. The identities of both The Reverse-Flash and Zoom were kept secret until at least halfway through each of their respective seasons, but the identity of the villain in the show’s upcoming third season has remained especially mysterious, thanks mostly to the marketing campaign’s heavy focus on the “Flashpoint” storyline for the time being.

However, thanks to a particularly revealing panel at the TCAs today, the identity of the new season’s villainous speedster has been announced, and it is *drum roll*… Savitar.

For those of you who don’t know who Savitar is, we don’t really blame you, but the gist of his character is that he was a Cold War test pilot struck by lightning during a flight mission, giving him the powers of a speedster. Named after the “Hindu god of motion”, Savitar is absolutely obsessed with the power of speed, and has even become the leader of a cult worshiping it.

In the past, Savitar has battled speedsters like Wally West, Johnny Quick, Max Mercury, and more, almost always trying to steal their speed so that he can transfer it over to his followers and create an army of speedsters at his command. We don’t know for sure if Savitar will be a villain throughout the whole season or not, but you might want to keep your eyes open during the “Flashpoint” story for his introduction.

Considering the emotional ties that the Reverse-Flash had with Barry Allen in the first season, I legitimately don’t know if The Flash will ever be able to top that face off if I’m being completely honest. For its third season though, bringing in a speedster who’s looking to make an army of his own, could be just what The Flash needs in order to up the ante in the new season, especially following the disappointing results we had with Zoom in the second.

The Flash season 3 will premiere on the CW on October 4th.

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