‘The Flash’ Speeds into Development as a CW Series

By July 30, 2013

The Flash running

Just over a week ago, we heard reports that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment were working on a film based on the speedy comic character The Flash for a 2016 release to serve as a quick follow-up to the Batman/Superman movie hitting theaters in 2015. Things may have changed a bit, since Deadline is now reporting that The CW is fast-tracking a “Flash” TV series that will be a spin-off of their current DC Comics-based show, “Arrow.”

The Flash TV 2

The Scarlet Speedster has hit the airwaves before, most notably in a live-action CBS show that aired for a single season before its cancellation in 1991. When I was really into comic books a few years ago, The Flash quickly became one of my favorite characters thanks in large part to his insane Rogues Gallery. I had vague memories of this CBS show being on the air when I was a kid, but as a new fan of The Flash, I went out and bought the complete series. Let me warn you: it’s absolutely terrible. The comedic moments fall flat, the acting is atrocious, and the show barely resembles the comics at all.

Ever since that blown opportunity to bring this character to a larger audience, I’ve been patiently waiting to see how the next incarnation would appear and how the filmmakers/showrunners would improve on the efforts of those who came before. The character has popped up in animated form multiple times over the past few years, and a version of him even had a brief live-action stint on The CW’s “Smallville,” but he’s yet to get the treatment he deserves. That’s all about to change.

The Flash

From what I hear, “Arrow” has come into its own and is actually a decent show now. The tentative plan is to have The Flash appear in an episode of “Arrow” this season and then to give him his own show from there, with producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg writing the pilot and sliding into the showrunner positions and leaving the “Arrow” duties to Marc Guggenheim. David Nutter, who directed the “Arrow” pilot, will direct “The Flash” pilot as well.

But what does this development mean for a potential movie? Is Warner Bros still aiming to release a Flash film in theaters in 2016? If so, will they cast the same actor who ends up playing him in the show, or will this be a Brandon Routh/Tom Welling/Superman situation all over again, in which a big screen and small screen version of the character appeared simultaneously? Supposedly some of these questions might be answered at the Television Critics Association press day with The CW later today, so we’ll keep you posted with any big developments as they progress.

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