‘The Flash’ Star Grant Gustin Teases a Confusing Man in the Iron Mask Reveal, Emotional Season Finale

By May 24, 2016

Warning: This post will contain spoilers for The Flash.

The Flash is hurtling towards its season finale tonight, after the murder of Henry Allen at the hands of Zoom, Wally’s discovery of Barry’s powers, and Cisco’s vague premonition about the end of Earth 2. One of the most anticipated revelations expected to come in the episode though, for many fans, is the identity of the Man trapped in the Iron Mask in Zoom’s lair on Earth 2.

The fan theories have been running wild ever since the mysterious character’s first introduction earlier in the season, but it sounds like the reveal may be difficult to wrap our heads around at first, according to Grant Gustin, at least.

While recently speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Gustin spoke briefly about tonight’s finale, revealing his initial reaction to the character’s identity:

“I was confused. When [executive producer] Greg Berlanti told me over the phone a few months before we revealed it, I was like, ‘OK, wait –explain this to me.’ It’s shocking. It’s like last year where there is twists on top of twists. Even anyone who has predicted reveals, there’s something else on top that they haven’t thought of. It’s a really cool reveal.”

For those of you hoping for an easy win on Barry’s side in the finale though, it doesn’t sound like this year’s conclusion is going to be an easier, emotionally, than last year’s:

“I think last year at Upfronts they asked me what emoji I would use to describe it and I said waterfall tears, and I think that’s probably true for season two as well.”

Oh great. Just don’t bring the mom back in please, those scenes always seem to make me bawl in this show.

As for what to expect next season, it sounds like Gustin’s hopes echo those of the fans as well, who are ready to see Barry finally bounce back from his sadness and be the cocky, confident hero that he’s best known as:

“I want to see the cock,y fun hero that gets to kick some a** and not always get his a** kicked and be in kind of a fun and positive place. I don’t know how we’re going to get that though next year, but hopefully he can find his way there because that’s what I would like to see for him.”

After hitting a rough patch for a few episodes there, the sophomore season of the series managed to bounce back in a big way with the Kevin Smith-directed episode, “The Runaway Dinosaur,” which not only put Barry back on track, but the series’ focus and narrative as well. Now, as he confronts Zoom with one final race, it sounds like this season is finally going to put the Zoom arc to an end, with some likely shocking consequences along the way.

The Flash season 2 finale will air tonight on The CW.

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