‘The Flash’ Star Tom Cavanagh Spills Some Details About Tonight’s Season Finale (Sort Of)

By May 19, 2015

No argument that CW’s “The Flash” has been a runaway hit since day one. It’s the path fans are traveling toward, though, that makes tonight’s season finale so nail-biting, and easily reinforces why this show is one of the best crafted shows on TV today.

We now know who Dr. Wells is and that, yes, he did kill Barry’s mom during an attempt to kill Barry himself way back when. We also know that he has some serious issue with young Barry, and that he is the reason that Barry became the Flash in the first place — what we don’t know yet, though, is “WHY?”

In an interview with Variety, Tom Cavanagh (Dr. Wells/Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash) said that he and star Grant Gustin were shooting the finale when…

We were actually shooting, but Grant and I were sitting beside each other between scenes and he used an expletive followed by ‘Dude.’ And he just handed page seven over to me, and I’m like, ‘Expletive. Dude.’ I think that the ‘Flash’ writers’ room, and [Greg] Berlanti, [Andrew] Kreisberg, and [Geoff] Johns, have to be congratulated, because once you’ve crafted something over the course of 20 plus hours, there’s a lot that you have to deliver. You’ve earned a lot, but you don’t want to shoot sideways. We all know season finales that have been much anticipated and then don’t seem to hit the pinnacle. I’m not saying that we get to the top of the mountain, but if we don’t, it won’t be the writers’ fault. It will be us as actors.


Cavanagh goes on to explain Thawne’s frenemy relationship with Barry and why the direction of the character has gone the way it has.

The way I’ve tried to play Wells is, you can play him as a straight villain, but it’s much more complicated than that, and it’s too simple to do that. It’s not interesting, given the layers that you could take advantage of to just play it that way. And all along, we’ve seen Wells has a vested interest in Barry’s improvement, at increasing his aptitude as The Flash, and his actual personal safety. And Wells’ interest in that is made clear as we step onboard the train of that last episode. He’s always cared for Barry. He’s said as much. And in the end, in a strange twist, he is going back to save his mother and we know what the Reverse Flash’s involvement has been in that. And yet his greatest cheerleader in this enterprise is Eobard, for reasons that I won’t divulge — but it makes it that much more complicated. It’s not easy for [Eobard]; he doesn’t despise this version of Barry Allen. In fact, he cares very much for him.

To whet the appetite, here’s a clip from tonight’s finale, “Fast Enough”

AHHHHH…so excited. ARE YOU?

“The Flash” season finale airs TONIGHT at 8pm on the CW.

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