‘The Flash’ Trailer Teases Barry’s Final Battle With Zoom

By February 12, 2016

Warning: This post will contain spoilers for the current season of The Flash.

This week’s episode of The Flash brought Barry face to face with the villainous Zoom once again, this time on Earth 2. Unfortunately for the Scarlet Speedster though, it doesn’t look like things are going much better for him this time around, and with seemingly no way out of his glass box, Barry might be in even more trouble than he was before.

A new teaser for some of the season’s upcoming episodes has been revealed though, and it looks like Barry may find help from some unexpected places. Oh, and Killer Frost looks like she’s causing even more trouble than before.

Check out the trailer below:

It does come as a surprise to see the return of Earth-2 Barry, but considering his character’s fate was left open-ended in the previous episode, I guess Barry and his friends will look for help from anyone at this point. After Deathstorm’s demise, Killer Frost looks like a woman out for vengeance, although I don’t know why she would go after Harrison Wells or Cisco. Comic book villains I guess, right?

After making only brief, but impactful appearances throughout the season up until this point as well, the possibility of seeing Zoom interact with Barry more could make for a very interesting back half of this season. The trailer stops just short of revealing Zoom’s identity as well, but Barry’s expression seems to be one of pure shock, and possible familiarity? I guess we’ll have to wait and see which popular fan theory ends up being correct.

It’s always nice to see John Diggle pop up as far as I’m concerned too, and after his fairly disappointing storyline in Arrow right now, here’s to hoping The Flash is able to utilize the character’s full potential for once.

The Flash airs every Tuesday night on the CW.

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