‘The Force Awakens’ BOX OFFICE Update (Hint: It’s a Lot)

By December 19, 2015

UPDATE: According to THRThe Force Awakens officially landed the biggest Friday of all time in North America at $120.5 Million and has crossed the $250 Million mark globally.

“I really don’t think Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to make much money” – Nobody. Ever.

Star Wars is basically another way of saying cash money in any language. The only question on our minds is “Is it going to beat Avatar’s 2.8 Billion??”  Let. Us. Begin.

Thursday night the movie broke records with a $57 Million dollar rake in. Friday was being projected at $130 to $145 Million. That makes it the first movie to ever top over $100 Million in a single day. Word is that  Executives over at we-own-everything studios (Disney) are in “complete awe” of the hourly numbers.

Honestly did they think it’d be any different? Reviews could have revealed the entire movie was nothing but Chewbacca eating a bag of Doritos and the movie would still rake in the cash. (I’d watch)

Ultimately The Force Awakens is projected to make around $275 Million dollars this weekend. Or higher. I’m betting higher. Much higher. Higher than Snoop Dog. Wait, what are we talking about right now? Oh yeah, everyone at Disney is now filthy rich(er) and they deserve it for making such a kick ass movie for us to finally enjoy.  Call me crazy but I think this one is breaking ALL the records.

What do you guys think? Will Avatar go down? Stay tuned to Geek Nation for more updates!

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Mike Holtz
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