The Force is Strong With This Awesome Looking ‘Star Destroyer’ PC Chassis

By January 4, 2016

When it comes to PC gamers, some like to take their craft to the next level. Take for instance this story courtesy of EXTREME TECH. PC Builder Sander van der Velden (via his site ASPHIAX) has built a gaming machine that would make the designers of the Death Star proud.

stars-and-planets-photo-img331-jpgThis Venator-class Star Destroyer, called ‘The Yazi,’ will be shown at CES this year. The ship is wired with 50 meters of Fiber Obtic cabling to give the bridges and the sides that ‘lit up’ look of a functioning Star Destroyer. The body is made from aluminum and the finely detailed sides are 3D printed. The cost, well that seems to be a secret – but if you want one, Asphiax is willing to start negotiations via his own site HERE.

Just remember this build will take six weeks and will not make you a better gamer.





loopz-640x1138Perhaps in time Mr. Asphiax will build a Millenium Falcon, and us light siders will have an equal tomb to game upon. Until then I will bask in the beauty that is “The Yazi.”

So to everyone out there in the nation, what do you think of this project? How much would you be willing to pay for it? Drop in some of your thoughts (and bids) in the comment section below.

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Cory Naught
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