‘The Iron Giant 2’ Possibility Teased by Vin Diesel

By August 31, 2015

Brad Bird is recognized as one of the most reliable and beloved filmmakers in the industry today. After making smash hits like The Incredibles (aka the best Fantastic Four film of all time), Ratatouille, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and more – there’s no denying the amount of quality work Bird has put in as a filmmaker over the past decade and longer. However, it’s incredibly possible that Bird wouldn’t be where he is today, and Vin Diesel might not have ended up being the voice of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, if it wasn’t for The Iron Giant.

The movie is easily one of the most beloved animated films of all time, and seems to be finding new audiences the farther we get from its initial release. The movie featured more heart and originality than most other animated films released around the same time, and introduced the world to the childhood joy and edgy tone that has remained consistent in every single one of Bird’s films since then.

Vin Diesel aka the voice of the Iron Giant in the film, took to Facebook recently to post about the film, and teased the possibility of a sequel to the beloved movie. Underneath a trailer for the film, Diesel said the following:

“I have been very lucky to have played so many interesting characters… one of the first and one of my favorites is… the Iron Giant.P.s. Don’t be surprised when you hear WB announce the sequel.

Now, this doesn’t even come close to Diesel actually saying a sequel is in the works at Warner Bros. The post feels much more like Diesel playing around with his speculative side, and after convincing Marvel to cast him as Groot before even going into a meeting with the studio, as well as hinting at the possibility of playing Black Bolt in the Inhumans movie, there’s no telling what Diesel can and cannot make happen in the industry nowadays.

There’s definitely a large audience ready and willing to check out the sequel if it did happen though, and considering that Bird is currently working on a sequel to The Incredibles, there’s a large possibility that fans might finally get a sequel sometime in the next few years. It’ also entirely possible that a sequel may not happen too, and that would be fine in the end because Iron Giant works so well as a standalone film.

However, the movie does leave it open for a continuation, so who knows? Anything’s possible, and if the original movie’s lead voice actor is rooting for the follow-up, it’s hard to deny just how cool it would be to see those characters return to our movie screens, once again.

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