‘The Jungle Book’ Cast Members Meet Their Animal Counterparts in New Images

By March 21, 2016

I honestly didn’t think Idris Elba could get any more badass, and then I saw an image of him sitting casually next to a villainous tiger.

Some new images from Disney’s upcoming, live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book have been released, shining a spotlight on the film’s motion-capture and CGI characters, standing next to the actors who play them in the film. So yes, this does mean Giancarlo Esposito is posing next to a wolf in one of these images.

They aren’t all that much, and don’t really reveal anything from the film, which looks more and more promising the closer to its release we get, but they’re pretty cool nonetheless, and it’s nice to see the studio so wholeheartedly embracing the film’s daring visual effects.

Check out the latest images below:

idris elba the jungle book lupita nyongo the jungle book esposito the jungle book kingsley the jungle book scarlett the jungle book walken the jungle bookWe’ve seen a majority of the characters shown here in action already, and really, the only omission that I’m noticing from the images above is Bill Murray standing next to a lovable talking bear, which is slightly disappointing, but I’ll let it slide just because of how cool these images by themselves are.

I got to see some early footage from the film several months ago, and it became apparent to me then just how much of the film the studio wasn’t showing in its trailers or TV spots, and it got me even more excited to see director Jon Favreau’s full action-adventure.

Pushing the visual accomplishments of films like Avatar or even Dawn of the Planets of the Apes to their absolute limit, Favreau and co. have taken a huge risk by choosing to make this film almost entirely visual effects and digital, but if the footage is consistently amazing throughout, then their big gamble might just pay off. No matter what, this is easily the most promising of Disney’s live-action adaptations to date.

The Jungle Book will hit theatres on April 15th.

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