‘The Jungle Book’ Clip Introduces Idris Elba’s Shere Khan

By March 23, 2016

Continuing in Disney’s trend of live-action adaptations of their past animated classic, Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book is promising to be the best addition in the growing titles to receive the big screen treatment again. What makes it even more unique, is that despite the breathtaking visuals and motion-captured animal characters, the entirety of the movie was actually shot in a studio in Downtown Los Angeles.

A new clip for the film has been released as well, showing the introduction of Idris Elba’s impressive, imposing Shere Khan, who makes it his personal mission to rid the jungle of Neel Sethi’s Mowgli.

Check out the latest clip:

I got to see this scene a few months ago actually, at an early press screening for the film, but even since then, Shere Khan’s introduction still manages to ride the line perfectly between set-up and exposition. I didn’t think Elba’s voice would fit as nicely as it does with the character either, and the moments when his tiger growl comes out seems to be perfectly timed.

In all honesty, I’m probably getting a little bit too detailed and analyzing about the clip, but as of right now, The Jungle Book is sitting nicely near the top of the 2016 blockbusters that have the potential to be truly spectacular.

The Jungle Book is set to hit theatres on April 15th.

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