The Adventures Of A Comic Con Girl

By September 2, 2012

Dana Braziel-Solovy is taking it up a notch with a comic book called The Adventures Of A Comic Con Girl.

Not your run of the mill comic, The Adventures of a Comic Con Girl deals with Dana and her two friends, Tatiana and Molly, as they circumvent fanboys and have more misadventures than three girls should have but let’s face it, ANYthing goes when it comes to cons and getting into trouble there is not gender specific. In her own words, “It’s fast, it’s funny, and it may take a page or two from real life events. Maybe.”

Curiouser and curiouser, I knew I had to grab Dana for a few q’s!

How did you hook up with David Beauchene and Matthew Spradlin?
I met Matthew at Wizard World Philadelphia in 2010. He was promoting his first graphic novel, Bad Kids Go to Hell. I ended up traveling with the BKGtH crew helping them at shows before Matthew and I wrote our own comic.

We found Dave on, after much searching. We went through recommendations and deviantart, and were feeling pretty hopeless until we found him.

Where did the idea for Adventures C.C. Girl come from?
I had the idea for The Adventures of a Comic Con Girl shortly after I started working shows. There was so much craziness on the show floor as well as behind the scenes. I thought it needed to be shared. Matthew agreed and was more than willing to help.

Using a number, how many cons would you say you’ve been to?
Around 30.

Weirdest job you’ve ever had on the show floor?
The weirdest job I ever did was get a panel of wrestlers together. I’m not going to go any further into that story.

You’ve financed the first two issues yourself and have met your goal, so how close are you to the graphic novel?
We’ve met our goal but we still need about $5k more for the graphic novel. If we don’t make that on the Kickstarter, we’ll keep working to get the graphic novel financed. Every form of support for the comic is appreciated, and we thank everyone who’s helped spread the word.

What are your fave comics?
I love Detective Comics, Batman, and Archie. One graphic novel I strongly recommend everyone read is Arkham Reborn by David Hine, with art by Jeremy Haun.

Favorite cartoon?
Daria, Invader Zim, and the 90s X-Men cartoon. I love Storm.

If you could be a superheroine (existing or created on your own), who would you be and what would your power be?
That is difficult. I could pick any of a variety of superheroines or supervillainesses based on how awesome they are, what powers they have, and how much I relate to them. If we’re talking comics I’ll say Psylocke is relatable to me, because a lot of her power comes from her mind. In all reality, the heroine I relate to the most is Buffy Summers… and let’s admit it, she’s pretty super.

What’re your thoughts on Superman and Wonder Woman K-I-S-S-I-N-G?
Wonder Woman’s gotta get some too! In all seriousness, writing and creating should include breaking barriers and trying new things. Sometimes it’s going to upset people.

Wanna know a little more? Check out this quick clip!

If you’d like to contribute to their Kickstarter and pick up rewards like these snazzy t-shirts (below), you can kick it HERE!

Pictured: Men’s shirt

Women’s pin-up girl shirt

NOTE: This project will be funded on Wednesday Sep 5, 2:59am EDT, so there’s still time! GET THERE!

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