UPDATED: The Marvel Comics Universe Will Feature Two Spider-Men

By May 21, 2015

UPDATED 3:00pm PST: IGN has updated their article to state that Marvel Comics reached out directly to them, saying that the writer was misquoted, and that there’s not currently an answer as to whether or not two Spider-Men will be active in the Marvel Comics Universe. When pressed for further details, representatives from Marvel declined to comment. We’ll just have to wait and see how Secret Wars shakes out.

Original Story: Right now, the Marvel Comics Universe is in the midst of a violent reformation in the form of the limited series Secret Wars, by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribic. In the series’ first issue, both the Marvel Comics Universe as we know it collided with the Ultimate Universe established in the year 2000, bringing an end to both worlds. When Secret Wars is all said and done, a new Marvel Universe will stand in their stead, with the mainline universe and Ultimate universes giving birth to something of a hybridized version of the long-running shared narrative world.

We now know, too, that there’s room enough for more than one Webhead.

According to IGN, writer Brian Michael Bendis  — the writer who helped create the Ultimate Universe with the publication of Ultimate Spider-Man #1 15 years ago — the comic book version of the shared universe will feature both the longstanding version of the Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker, as well as the newly-minted Ultimate Spider-Man, the young Miles Morales. Miles was introduced as the successor to the Ultimate version of Peter Parker, who was killed in battle with the Green Goblin a few years back. Since then, Miles — who happened into his powers through his scientist father — has carved quite a niche as a fascinating character unto himself, and has gained quite a following since his introduction in 2011.

Miles and Peter have actually met before, first in the 2012 limited series Spider-Men, where Peter is transported to the Ultimate universe by Mysterio, and learns of his counterpart’s death. It’s there that he meets Miles, as well as the Ultimate incarnations of Aunt May and Gwen Stacy, and gifts Miles a pair of web shooters to better assist him in his role as Spider-Man. They meet again in the sprawling Spider-Man comics event “Spider-Verse,” where alternate universe versions of Spider-Man all come to a head in a grand, universe-hopping story across time and space.

For more on the new developments of the Marvel Comics Universe, keep an eye on GeekNation.

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