The Rock Wants Black Adam to Fight Superman, But It Won’t Happen in ‘Shazam’

By April 18, 2016

It seems like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has the ability to make people excited for basically any movie that he’s working on. The man is practically a hype machine at this point, and is easily, one of the most charismatic and likable movie stars on the planet right now. So to say DC made a smart move by locking him into a role in their cinematic universe fairly early on, would probably be an understatement.

Set to play the villainous Black Adam in DC’s Shazam! film, not much news has come out of the project since The Rock’s casting as the iconic character, but it looks like he has some fairly clear ideas of what he’d like to see his character do in the DCCU already, at the very least.

Responding to a fans’ question on Twitter earlier this morning, the actor revealed that he’d love to see Black Adam and Superman fight at some point onscreen, though it won’t be happening any time in Shazam!, unfortunately.

Now, it’s increasingly seeming like The Rock’s version of Black Adam will be keeping more in line with the modern versions of the character than anything else, which depict Black Adam much more as an anti-hero than a straight-up villain, who’s methods of protecting people end up being much darker and brutal than some of the other heroes in the DC Universe would like. If so, then it might make sense for him and Superman to clash at some point onscreen, though Adam would decidedly have the advantage over Kal-El, since he’s powered by magic – one of the Man of Steel’s few deadly weaknesses.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that The Rock is itching to get into the DCCU onscreen in some capacity, and at this point, when fan morale surrounding the future of the DC Films has dropped considerably following the poor reception to Batman v Superman, DC might just need The Rock and all of his lovable, bad ass glory to come in and save the day right about now.

As of right now, Shazam! is set to hit theatres on April 5th, 2019, though it could change release dates before then as well.

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