The Russo Brothers Discuss the Similarities Between ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘Batman v Superman’

By April 26, 2016

There’s been a lot of talk and conflict going around on the internet over the past few weeks, from fans who think that critics shouldn’t be allowed to compare DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, with a couple people in specific saying it’s just a way for critics to continue their hate campaign against the DC film. Which in all honesty, is absurb.

The thing is that, other than living in the same comic book genre, both films are incredibly similar on a thematic level as well. They both deal with the consequences of their title heroes’ actions, the destruction that they leave in their wake, and the conflict that can come between two heroes’ differing ideologies. Which means that it’s 100% okay to compare them.

While recently speaking with as well, Civil War directors Anthony and Joe Russo spoke briefly on the two films’ similar themes, and why they think it’s so popular to explore these specific aspect of superhero stories today:

“Well two reasons, one is that, that’s the world we’re living in. We’re moving through some darker times and I think that causes people to be self-reflective. Second is, is that there is an incredible amount of content in the superhero space and movies right now, and everyone’s moving towards deconstruction because that’s the next place to go to. It was our natural inclination after The Winter Soldier was to deconstruct The Avengers. It was Tim Miller’s inclination in Deadpool to deconstruct the genre. It’s an area that hasn’t been explored up until this point, in a very dramatic way, so you know, it’s a natural movement.”

I think that the duo sort of hit the nail right on the head here. There have been building blocks towards Civil War dating back to The Avengers in 2012 for sure, and even in one specific scene in 2008’s Iron Man. The two philosophies of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) have been established already, and it’s not hard to see why these two heroes might finally butt heads and fists in the new film, which I can say with utmost certainty, has left the Marvel Cinematic Universe looking much differently than it did earlier this year even.

Batman v Superman tried to do the same thing in a sense, but in my personal opinion, I thought it failed in its execution. Not only were the motivations and histories lacking, but it felt like the filmmakers behind the scenes weren’t staying true to the characters in a number of the scenes, and were instead, moving them around and their ideologies around to fit with the story they had in mind, and the plot they needed to follow. Rather than having the story and plot be made around the characters. Something that Civil War on the other hand, does incredibly well.

Batman v Superman is in theatres everywhere now, while Captain America: Civil War is set to hit theatres on May 6th.

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  • David Johnson

    My main difference between the 2 I’m going to pay to see Civil War, might watch bVSs if it ever hits netflix!!!!