‘The Shining’ Hotel Being Turned Into a Horror Museum

By October 23, 2015

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is not only one of the greatest films ever made, but also one of the most terrifying. Based on the equally-genius novel by Stephen King, the film followed a healing family as they moved into a hotel in the Colorado Rockies for the winter, as the father, Jack, worked as its caretaker in the off-season. However, the hotel is about as haunted as a building can get, and slowly turns him mad as he begins to hunt down his wife and son. Its not the most heart-warming story in the world, but something that both the novel and the film captured so well was the atmospheric nature of the Overlook Hotel and its paranormal activity.

The Overlook was based on the real-life Stanley Hotel after King stayed there with his wife for one night too, and was so inspired by it, that he quickly wrote The Shining thereafter. Now, you might think a hotel would shun the idea of it being haunted, but the Stanley has gladly embraced its reputation over the past few years and has become a hot tourist spot for all horror fans out there as they travel to Estes Park, Colorado to stay in supposedly haunted rooms, participate in ghost tours, or even attend the Stanley Film Festival, which showcases a wide array of horror movies every year.

Basically, for all you horror fans out there looking for a spooky place to stay – it can’t seem to get much better than the Stanley.

Now, the LA Times is reporting that the hotel wants to build a new building on the premises that will act as a horror museum, production studio, and film archive. Currently, the hotel is waiting to see if the state of Colorado will give them the go-ahead on the expansion, as well as investing $11.5 million for state tourism in order to get the $24 million museum plans off the ground. Apparently, the expansion would include an auditorium, space for traveling exhibits, museum, sound stage, and post-production space. In case it couldn’t sound any cooler too, the museum would reportedly work with the Colorado Film School in Denver for educational endeavors as well.

The museum has a large number of supporters and backers as well, with some of the members of its founding board including Simon Pegg and Elijah Wood.

There’s no word yet on whether or not the project would actually go through, but considering how popular the Stanley Hotel already is for horror fans and tourists, I’d honestly be surprised if it didn’t happen. The expansion has already received a fair amount of universal support from fans, and would turn the Stanley Hotel into the number one go-to spot for all horror enthusiasts out there. In case it already isn’t.

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