The T. rex from ‘Jurassic Park’ Will Return in ‘Jurassic World’

By April 30, 2015

Steven Spielberg’s original Jurassic Park from 1993 still manages to stand up as an emotional roller coaster to this day, largely due to one major inclusion: the Tyrannosaurus rex. In that film, the T. rex provides one of the first major moments of horror and suspense as it breaks out of its paddock, has audiences on the edge of their seat as it chases Muldoon, Ellie, and Ian in the Jeep, and finally goes out on a heroic note by eating the Velociraptors that are just about to kill Alan, Ellie, and the kids.

You may be surprised to learn that the same T. rex featured in the original film is still alive in the world of Jurassic Park, and is slated to appear in Colin Trevorrow’s upcoming film, Jurassic World.

According to Slash Film, Trevorrow has stated that the T. rex from the first film is still alive in all of her menacing glory, and that Jurassic World will serve, “kind of as her Unforgiven.” When pressed about it specifically, Trevorrow leaves no ambiguity. He says, “The T. rex that’s in the film is the T. rex from the original Jurassic Park. She is 22 years older. But she’s not limping around.”

When asked if audiences will be able to recognize her given her place in the film and the amount of time that’s passed, the director seemed optimistic. He said,

I hope so. Yeah. I mean, we took the original design and obviously, technology has changed. So, it’s going to move a little bit differently, but it’ll move differently because it’s older. And we’re giving her some scars and we’re tightening her skin. So, she has that feeling of, like, an older Burt Lancaster. And this movie is her Unforgiven.

Trevorrow also talked about the process of bringing the animal’s physical form back in the new film, which required her to be rebuilt due to the evolution of visual effects technology in the 22 years since the first film was being created.

We got to build everyone from the ground up because technology has changed so much that everything is a rebuild. And I got to bring in dinosaurs that I’ve always thought deserved a big scene. There’s an Ankylosaurus in this movie; was a really big scene and that’s just a bad ass dinosaur. And there are others. There’s smaller appearances, some bigger appearances.

You know, we have an underwater reptile. I’m sure you’ve heard about that. That thing is pretty cool. We have a new kind of flying dinosaur that no one’s ever seen before, you know, in addition to the Pteranodons that are really scary. And I didn’t want to just throw the kitchen sink at it. Each of these movies has done a good job at just very carefully, in a measured way, increasing the new dinosaurs that you see. But, there’s a lot of dinosaurs in the movie for sure.

The idea of bringing back the original film’s T. rex is certainly an inspired one, and it should be really interesting to see exactly how she’ll be used in the scheme of the film’s plot. We already know due to the recent trailer that a new predator has been created by the park’s geneticists, but will the old T. rex be given a new chance to be a major hero in the upcoming film? We’ll have to wait and find out when Jurassic World opens in theaters on June 12th.

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