‘The Tick’ Revival To Be ‘Darker’ and ‘Edgier,’ Says Warburton

By September 17, 2014

With news hitting the internet a couple of weeks ago about a return to live-action for Ben Edlund’s “The Tick,” it was only a matter of time before more information got out about the revival of the modern cult classic. While most of the creative team that’s involved with the project has been pretty mum on the details this early into the production, Movieweb managed to get a few words on the record with the returning star himself, Patrick Warburton. Warburton has made quite a name for himself in the comedy realm in the intervening years since “The Tick” went off the air, having roles in films like Men in Black II, in addition to his iconic role of Brock Samson on Adult Swim’s “The Venture Bros.,” as well as becoming a pillar of Seth MacFarlane’s animated “Family Guy” as Quahog police officer Joe Swanson, one of Peter Griffin’s neighbors and best friends.

When speaking with Movieweb, Warburton is very careful not to actually confirm anything. What he does do is speak very positively about what the possibilities look like for a revival of the “Wild Blue Yonder,” as well as make it pretty clear that if an opportunity to reprise that role were to present itself, he’d be eager to jump back into it.

I’m really not at liberty to discuss anything in regards to ‘The Tick’ right now. I will say, isn’t it ironic that Captain Liberty’s friend isn’t at liberty? Are there discussions? I would say things look very interesting and positive. I love ‘The Tick.’ I’d love to do it again. I never would have thought I’d have the opportunity to do this again. I think it would be a blast to do it again. We’ll see what happens. One thing about ‘The Tick,’ he is an insane character. I guess he doesn’t have to be 29 years-old like Thor, I guess. He’ll be 50 battling evil. I’d love to see what [‘Tick’ creator] Ben Edlund’s new vision for it is. I think it will be different. Perhaps a little darker and a little edgier. We’ll see what happens.

One aspect Warburton may be less excited about is having to literally squeeze into the iconic blue suit once again.

One aspect Warburton may be less excited about is having to literally squeeze into the iconic blue suit once again.

While Warburton seems to indicate fond memories of creating the short-lived series, he’s not coy about discussing his least favorite aspect of the work. Unsurprisingly, it centers around what sounds like literally squeezing into the form-fitting blue costume of the character. While the suit from the show definitely helped to preserve the shape and larger-than-life physique of the character as he appeared in both the comics and the 1990s animated series, Warburton found the actual task of wearing it pretty difficult…to say the least.

When you put on a suit, and you need two tubes of K-Y Jelly to assist in putting on the suit, and then you basically spend the next 12 hours in a soup of sweat and K-Y jelly, its a side of it…That’s not the most fun. There have been characters [wearing heavy costumes and makeup] throughout the years, from ‘Star Trek’ to ‘The Walking Dead,’ and its not fun wearing that thing.

In addition to describing the current location of the original Tick costume produced for the first iteration of the series, as well as what he thinks the suit may look like for the newly produced episodes, Warburton also talked about his feelings on the steady interest that the mere 9 episodes seemed to have sustained since they went off the air in early 2002. Is he pretty surprised that the show has garnered a cult following? According to the actor himself, not really.

I remember a couple of years ago, Entertainment Weekly still referred to ‘The Tick’ as one of the top five prematurely canceled shows of all-time. And there was a page a couple months ago that said, ‘TV shows we want more of.’ And ‘The Tick’ was mentioned as one of those. I would hazard to say that it was one of the only shows mentioned out of all 25 shows that had only eight or nine episodes. But it’s great. We live now, the way the world of entertainment has evolved, there are all these different channels and avenues to find things. You can’t hide, bury or kill something like Fox did 12 years ago. If its good and its entertaining, people will see it. I would never argue that ‘The Tick’ we created was perfect by any means. You have to find a show like that.

I think it is a testament to Ben Edlund, and [pilot director] Barry Sonnenfeld and [executive producer] Larry Charles. Everyone who was involved back then, in trying to find the show in only 8 or 9 episodes. Or the limited means that we wouldn’t have to deal with today, to make something that was lasting or enjoyable. Once again, it was not perfect. But apparently it did have a modicum of charm and charisma for it to be where it is today. I don’t know what is happening, but I would love to have something where we are really given a shot to make the show that we want to make. I think Ben’s newest vision and truest vision for the show is a darker, edgier spin.

Hopefully, official word will come down sooner rather than later on what kind of timeframe we can expect for new episodes of the series to start arriving on Amazon’s Instant Video service. Are you excited by the possibilities of seeing “The Tick” return to the small screen? Tell us in the comments below, and don’t forget that you can stream all nine original episodes right now on Netflix! You can also see more of Warburton’s comments in the original piece at Movieweb!

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