‘Walking Dead’ Comics Will End Differently Than TV Series

By October 2, 2016

In three weeks, AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead will return to the airwaves for its seventh season. But while many shows may be working toward the endgame by this point, earlier this year AMC executives told Vulture there had been no discussions about ending the series – so as long as viewers keep turning out in droves to catch the latest episode, The Walking Dead should continue for the foreseeable future.

But even with no official end in sight, executive producer Robert Kirkman (who created the comic book series that serves as the source material) has given some consideration to how things should wrap up, and he wants the television series to finish in a different place. Speaking with Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg during an episode of Geeking Out, Kirkman had this to say:

“I know how I want to end The Walking Dead, the book. But I can’t tell anyone, because I don’t want it on the show before I get it in the comic. So if the show were to ever end, ever, at any point, and the comic was still going, I would have to sit down with Scott [Gimple] and pretend that I have no idea how to end it and work with him to try and come up with a new ending.”

This actually makes a lot of sense, as The Walking Dead has diverged further and further from its comic book counterpart with each season. Some of the broad strokes remain the same, but there are countless smaller differences that have essentially created an alternate version of the same universe, and fans will likely be pleased that the ending of the comic book series won’t be spoiled by the television show.

Not that we need to worry, of course, as it seems neither the comics nor the AMC series have any plans to wrap things up soon. The Walking Dead will return to AMC for its seventh season Sunday, Oct. 23.

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Brent Hankins

Brent Hankins

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