‘The Walking Dead’ Image Teases Negan’s Debut

By March 29, 2016

Following the release of a leaked trailer last week, promotion for the upcoming season six finale of The Walking Dead has been steadily ramping up over the past few days, with our first looks at Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan finally being revealed.

Now, AMC has revealed a new promotional image for the episode as well, shining a spotlight not only on Morgan’s iconic villain, but also on his trusted barbed wire baseball bat, Lucille, who will no doubt make an impact just as noticeable as the man himself.

Check out the image below, as well as another teaser trailer for the season finale:

negan and lucille

Several of the show’s cast members and the creative team have hyped up this finale episode incredibly well over the past few weeks, with both Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus calling it one of the best episode’s in the show’s history, and the latter even going to say that the script made co-star Lauren Cohan throw up.

Considering the episode will feature the introduction of Negan too, who has perhaps the most memorable and villainous introduction in the comics history as well, that doesn’t come as that much of a surprise. Showrunner Scott M. Gimple has spoken about the finale multiple times as well, and how important it was for him and the rest of the writers to make sure they kept the character’s onscreen iteration as true to the comics as they could. Which means that Walking Dead fans will probably want to pack some tissues on the couch next to them before they tune in this coming Sunday.

The Walking Dead season finale will air this Sunday on AMC.

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