“The Walking Dead” Recap: Season 4, Episode 9, “After”

By February 10, 2014

“The Walking Dead’ is back and after an exciting end to the first half of season 4, we pick things up again exactly where we left off…only way less exciting. Yeah, it was one of those episodes. Don’t get me wrong, I like any episode that features Michonne, but I could’ve used a little more oomph to get me back into things. Just saying! Now…where was I?

So the Prison is destroyed and all of the survivors are scattered. The Governor is sadly still dead, as is Hershel. Well, kind of. Michonne must destroy his zombie head. Ugh. No thanks for that, writers.


Rick and Carl make their way to a nearby town. Rick is bloody and beaten and Carl is POed and blaming his father for not only losing Judith, but for in general being a wuss who makes bad decisions. Defeated Rick and POed Carl is a really bad combination. They find an abandoned home to take shelter in and Carl takes charge of securing the place from walkers. I guess it’s nice to know that even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse,  parents have to deal with the antics of a surly teen. Carl is relentless in his passive-aggressive behavior toward his Dad, even though his dad has a disturbing wheeze and an eye that makes Bob Costas’ seem not at all disgusting. Carl goes so far as to bring up Shane. OUCH!

After spending the night in their new secure location, Carl wakes to find his dad sleeping. When he suspects that something more than shut eye is going on, he attempts to wake his dad, attracting walkers in the process. So naturally, being Carl, HE LEAVES THE HOUSE! I actually started missing Carl leaving the house. It’s been so long.

He leads the walkers away for the house and has a pretty scary battle with them. So scary he barfs. He eventually defeats the walkers, declaring “I win” afterwards, which is something I’m definitely going to start saying after I barf.

Carl returns home and lays into his comatose father about everything he’s done wrong. OY. It’s pretty rough to see. I feel bad for Rick, but a son realizing his dad is only human is a pretty much a rite of passage. Luckily for Rick he’s missing the brunt of it. I guess being practically comatose has its perks.

Continuing his reckless behavior, Carl goes on a mission to find supplies. Naturally he runs into another walker, ends up using his remaining bullets and losing a shoe in the process. Of course being a teenager, Carl still sees his almost death as a victory and celebrates with some chocolate pudding and arrogant graffiti. I miss being an arrogantly over-confident teen!


But lest we forget, Carl is still just a scared child. That night he thinks his dad may have turned into a walker and faces the grim reality of having to kill his other parent. But Rick is still alive, barely, and Carl cries as he holds his father, basically alone in the world. Oof. I’ve been there Carl. That’s a rough feeling even when you don’t have walkers to contend with.

Meanwhile, Michonne is back in action with her zombie bodyguards in tow and a little backstory as well, delivered via a Michonne dream.

In the dream, Michonne is seen with Mike, her significant other, Terry, his best friend, and her little boy enjoying an evening together. Throat lump. Cut to the whole lot of them struggling to understand what to do in the early days of the zombie apocalypse. With Mike asking the super depressing questions: “Does it even matter anymore?” “Where’s the happy ending?” “Why?” Uh, grim much?

Suddenly, her son vanishes and Mike and Terry are revealed to be her original walker shields. She screams and wakes from her nightmare. Michonne then joins a small herd of Walkers, before she slaughters them all.


She makes her way to the town where Rick and Carl are, and has a breathtaking moment where she ‘talks’ to Mike. It raises more questions than it answers, but I always enjoy seeing any moment where Danai Gurira gets to show such heartbreaking emotional depth.

The episode ends with Rick telling Carl he’s a man and the father and son reuniting with Michonne, which was a really nice moment. So all and all, it was a decent episode with lots of great moments, but obviously things need to get cracking next week. And we need some Daryl. Duh.

What did you think? Are you still into the show? Let us know in the comments!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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  • Jason Stinnett

    Walking Dead,sure seems to lose a bunch of it’s heaviness,when you follow it up with True Detective.Thanks for the recap Desi.

  • kennethrpe45

    Rick will wake up from a coma and it will all have been a dream. Thats what I think anyway.

  • LindaEDodgen

    Fantastic episode, I especially loved the ending.

    addicted to this show