‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4, Episode 10: “Inmates”

By February 17, 2014

This week on “The Walking Dead,” it’s “everyone but Rick, Carl, and Michonne” week!  With the added bonus of a military truck depositing the TV version of a fan favorite from the comics into our midst. Yay! Let’s dig in!

The episode starts with a voiceover of Beth reading from her diary as she and Daryl escape the prison compound. And boy, has hope never sound so grim! This pair is a complete mismatch. Beth is Hershel’s daughter through and through and remains glass half full. Daryl, on the other hand, is glass totally empty of any hope at all. I’m guessing I’d have severe mood swings as well during the zombie apocalypse, so I get it. As the duo try and track fellow survivors, they happen upon a pack of Walkers. Once again Daryl is right – why on Earth would you ever be hopeful in the reality this show depicts?

But just when I start to become hopeless about anything and everything…this happens:


Awwww! Tyreese, baby Judith, Lizzie, and Mika are the next group we catch up with! But the ‘aww moment’ happiness doesn’t last long, because this scene features one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen on the show, and that’s really saying something. Tyreese leaves the girls to investigate  a scream he hears in the distance. And Lizzie basically tries to smother Judith to stop her from crying. Was I the only one screaming at my TV during that moment? JEEZ. That was the worst. Tyreese hears a gunshot and fears the girls are in trouble.


But nope! Carol’s back and Judith is saved! Good thing no one ever got around to telling Tyreese about Carol. The group sets off together and happen upon a sign for a place called Terminus. “Those who arrive, survive.” Sounds promising. I’m sure it won’t be, but still.

The next group we get to see is Bob, Sasha, and Maggie. Maggie is determined to find Glenn, and Bob and Sasha join her in that search. They come across the bus that Glenn escaped on; naturally it’s full of Walkers, but since none of seem to be Glenn…an unemotional Walker slaughter begins. Bob finally comes off as reasonable when he says, “They were good people. All of them,” about the former acquaintances they just put to death. And that is the grim reality of this world: people are turning into monsters, literally and sometimes figuratively, because of the circumstance that everyone has been saddled with. Oy.

The last vignette got me crying.  I ain’t gonna lie. I mean, come on:

Glenn is also on the search for Maggie, because of course he is. If either one of these characters die, I will throw my TV out the window. Well, maybe I’ll feel like doing that. I will definitely be mad. Back at the prison, in addition to Walkers, he finds Tara, who is feeling terrible about the part she played in the whole dang disaster. They team up, nonetheless, and escape the prison compound, a place I never want to see again. Tara breaks the news about Hershel to Glenn, but they need each other, so they forge on as a team. How much did your eye swell up with tears when Glenn referred to Maggie as his wife? I know, right? But before I got too teary-eyed, Walkers attack the duo. Tara redeems herself by saving Glenn, when a military vehicle pulls up. “Hope you enjoyed the show, a–holes,” a feisty Tara yells. And then new cast member Michael Cudlitz as Sgt. Abraham Ford makes his big entrance. “You’ve got a damn mouth on you. What else ya got?” YES!


What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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