‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: “Dead Weight”

By November 25, 2013

So this week we have another “Governor-focused” episode of “The Walking Dead.” Don’t worry, no more of the “softer, gentler” Governor…he turns evil again! YAY! But first things first. We start where we left off last week – Meghan and The Governor are in a pit with some Walkers and are helped out by the Governor’s old henchman Martinez. They quickly find out that Martinez is now the leader of his own group of survivors and he invites the Governor and his new family, Meghan, Tara and Lilly, to join them. Sounds like a plan! I mean if there’s one thing the Governor doesn’t covet, it’s power. Mmm hmm.


The Governor goes along with the rules of the new camp and quickly makes himself valuable, even earning the respect of Martinez’s henchmen, Mitch and Pete, after easily slaughtering a few Walkers on a supply run. Mitch even gives him a nickname, like they’re real bros, “One-Eye Bri.” Oh Mitch, you have no idea who you’re dealing with, do you?

After their successful run, the boys go back to the camp, get drunk and do some good old-fashioned male-bonding. We find out that Mitch and Pete are both ex-military men. The Governor’s new family seems happy, which is good. But they also seem charmed by their leader, Martinez, which is definitely bad. The Governor notices and rages behind a calm exterior.

The next day Martinez gives the Governor a set of golf clubs like the ones he had back in Woodbury. He also gives him a bunch of ribbing regarding the Governor’s fall from power, before saying he’s happy to share the crown. To which the Governor’s responds “WHACK!” in the form of a golf club to the head. EVIL GOVERNOR IS BACK! He hasn’t changed and this is a good thing. Sorry, Martinez! But boy were you wrong.

The next morning, the camp believes that Martinez met his demise via a drunken fall into the Walker pit. Cue power struggle between Mitch and Pete. The Governor remains silent, laughing his ass off internally at the futility of their struggle. Silly rabbits! Power is solely the property of the Governor. Surprisingly, the Governor decides to leave camp with his new family before things get ugly. Unfortunately, their escape route is blocked by Walkers, so the Governor decides get his evil on.

First he stops at Pete’s trailer, to discuss the “Mitch problem.” But Pete has 99 problems and Mitch ain’t one. A knife to the throat and being strangled to death by The Governor are definitely two of them though. One down, one to go.

Then the Governor pays Mitch a visit. Only instead of killing Mitch, he converts him into his loyal henchmen, with some Jim Jones level mind-games. It’s intereting to note that the Governor considers surviving and being a hero mutually exclusive things. I wonder what Rick thinks about that? I’m sure he struggles with that question daily, because he’s Rick and all.


Fast-forward a few weeks, we see the Governor back in full power and everyone’s happy as heck. Until Meghan almost gets eaten by a Walker. How gross is it when the Walker’s ankle just sloughs away? The Governor saves the girl, but it becomes clear that the camp needs to move to a safer location. The Governor goes to think, which for and evil SOB means meditating while staring at zombie Pete weighted down in the lake. Next we see him as he’s looking at Rick and Carl farming within the safety of the prison compound. Hmmmm. Then he points his gun at them…END CREDITS!

So what are we thinking for next week’s mid-season finale? What do you hope goes down? Am I the only one who misses the gang at the prison (especially Daryl!)?

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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