‘The Woods’ Trailer is Watching Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make

By May 10, 2016

Let’s get this out of the way: I’m a big fan of Adam Wingard. You’re Next was one of the most exciting horror films to come along in the past few years, and his John Carpenter-inspired The Guest was a great throwback to the action thrillers of the 80s. While I’m anxiously awaiting to see what he does with the upcoming remake of I Saw the Devil, or the live-action adaptation of cult favorite anime Death Note, his next offering is a smaller, more intimate piece about a group of campers who find out they’re not alone in the wilderness.

The first teaser trailer for The Woods dropped earlier today, so pull up the blankets and take a peek.

Man oh man, that’s a solid teaser, with an incredibly effective song choice. The original version of Every Breath You Take is already a little creepy to begin with, but this slower rendition combined with the visuals is absolutely hair-raising. This teaser does a fantastic job of establishing the mood while revealing virtually nothing about the plot – a similar strategy employed earlier this year by The Witch. In an era where so many trailers lay out the entire plot of the film, it’s nice to be hooked in by something so simple.

the woods poster

The poster for The Woods is also quite promising, with quotes that describe it as “truly terrifying” and “one of the scariest movies ever made.” That’s some pretty significant praise, so let’s hope Wingard’s latest manages to live up to that kind of hype – I’m betting that it will.

Lionsgate will release The Woods on September 16.

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  • David Johnson

    Ever since the blair witch project campaign I don’t put a lot of stock in horror movies till they’ve been released!

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      David Downer