‘The X-Files’ Revival Promo is the Perfect Mix of Paranoia and Intrigue

By October 13, 2015

The X-Files is probably one of the most beloved TV shows of all time. Not only did the series from creator Chris Carter launch the illustrious careers of both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, it also managed to enthrall millions of viewers for multiple seasons as it combined paranoia, intrigue, horror, comedy, and science-fiction in one of the most successful ways in the entertainment industry’s history. It also paired up Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston for the first time too, so we might not have gotten Breaking Bad as well if it weren’t for The X-Files… Just saying.

Now fans are getting to see their favorite onscreen duo return early next year for The X-Files revival limited series, which will feature six full new episodes of the series catching up with Mulder, Scully, and a few other returning characters in the present day as they are pulled back into the unknown. The series will be made up of six self-contained episodes, but will also dig deeper into the actual mythology and history of the X-Files as well. Or at least, that’s what we’ve been told. We don’t really know anything for sure at this point.

Following the recent release of the first two promos for the series too, Fox has unveiled a new teaser for next year’s revival and while it’s not much, something tells me fans are going to love it anyways. Check it out below:

Here’s the revival’s official synopsis:

“Thirteen years after the original series run, the next mind-bending chapter of THE X-FILES is a thrilling, six-episode event series from creator/executive producer Chris Carter, with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson re-inhabiting their roles as iconic FBI Agents FOX MULDER and DANA SCULLY. Mitch Pileggi also returns as FBI ASST. DIR. WALTER SKINNER, Mulder and Scully’s boss, who walks a fine line between loyalty to these investigators and accountability to his superiors. This marks the momentous return of the Emmy- and Golden Globe Award-winning pop culture phenomenon, which remains one of the longest-running sci-fi series in network television history.”

The trailer obviously doesn’t offer any new footage, but opts instead for some rather slick, old school animations with several voice overs. Mulder definitely doesn’t seem to have lost any of his paranoia since the last time we saw him, and it seems like the new series is definitely going to deal with some of the surveillance discussions that have been a hot topic in politics for the past several years. If you actually think about it too, this does seem like the perfect time to bring Mulder and Scully back to the small screen and I’m genuinely interested to see how the series might parallel some of today’s issues.

The promo also features the return of William B. Davis’ smoking-man though, and his ominous voice slipped into the promo will likely make many die hard X-Files fans out there pretty happy. Now we’ll just have to wait and see how he returns for the revival, and what role he might play. There are an endless amount of questions regarding the plot and direction the new revival series is going to take our characters in, but I suppose it wouldn’t really be the X-Files if you weren’t already asking them.

The X-Files Revival will premiere on Sunday, January 24th, 2016.

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