‘The X-Files’ Revival to End on a Cliffhanger?

By January 29, 2016

I’m digging the revival series of The X-Files that has triumphantly returned to Fox this past weekend. It’s just enough nostalgia, and a lot of new ideas and stand-alone stories that make for an enjoyable series, however short; in my opinion at least. I’m enjoying it so much actually that when I read a report from E! News, via Screen Crush saying the series would end on a cliffhanger, I was noticeably upset. After all, and as a fan of X-Files, we have been looking for closure going on 20 years! I need answers – not more questions.

In speaking with E!, Mr. Carter addressed the potential for continuing the franchise down the line. Here’s what he had to say:

I don’t think [that]’s it for Mulder and Scully, but I have to say, there’s no guarantee that we’re coming back. So, while I see Mulder and Scully and stories down the way, we end up on a very big cliff … I always play it as if coming to the end of the season (or take the end of a short series), that it could or might be the end.

Could or might end? I don’t like the sound of that. Because after the premiere on Fox, Sunday, the numbers were counted and it turns out The X-Files is still pretty popular. Popular as in 20.29 million viewers. That’s huge. Numbers like that should warrant a return series… or maybe a movie?

Said movie has always been teased by Carter. Over and over I’ve heard him say there’s a script for the third outing. So with 20 million fans out there ready to buy a ticket, what are the chances of it coming back to theatres?

Do I have an idea for a third movie? Yes. Has someone from the features department over there been in contact with me? Surprisingly, yes. But that is a long way from saying there will be a third film.

True, it is a very long time before a movie will be green-lit seeing as there are so many variables to consider. I get it. I want to believe there will be a movie – see what I did there? But if that’s a long way off due to X, Y or Z – why then, Mr. Carter, are you always wanting to tease us fans?

In the end I believe, perhaps, Chris Carter’s intentions all along are to never give us closure – just like Mulder and Scully might never figure out the honest-to-goodness truth that might still be out there. I just hope we do get a movie sometime and someway. Based on the numbers of the premiere, I tend to think Chris Carter is doing a lot more than just “talking” to a Fox exec. Here’s hoping.

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  • David Johnson

    Where as I liked the Movie then never were actually as enjoyable as the TV Series for Me!