The ‘X-Men’ Go Retro in New Fan Made Series

By January 6, 2016

My introduction to Marvel comic book characters came via the way of animation.  I grew up on the X-Men and Spider-Man animated series from the 90s.  They were my way into the Marvel universe. In fact, the majority of my knowledge about both X-Men and Spider-Man stems from those series. They told wonderful stories that hit key points of history and story lines from their comic book counterpart. Anytime I get a chance to revisit those shows I eagerly jump at the opportunity, and it looks like that opportunity is popping up again.

No, they aren’t coming back to television nor have some “lost” episodes been found, but a fan as taken it upon himself to create an animated short paying homage to the classic X-Men series.  Canadian animator Joel Furtado is creating an animated short that both combines the look of the 90s animated series with feel of the retro arcade game. I have to admit it hits the nostalgia factor pretty freaking hard. Check out the intro for X-Men: Danger Room Protocols below!

Pretty cool, am I right?

X-Men: Danger Room Protocols will put various X-Men up against some of their biggest and most classic foes in Danger Room scenarios created by Professor X.   

With what appears to be a stellar lineup of characters (on both sides), pretty impressive animation, familiar settings and that classic X-Men theme that we all know and love this has the makings of being something pretty special for hardcore fans of the series like me. It looks like a lot of love and care went into making this something pretty special. I can’t wait to see what the webseries has to offer.

The 18-episode series debuts on YouTube on January 19.

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Christopher Skalicky
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