They Are Making A “Labyrinth” Sequel And I’m Sorry

By January 23, 2016

In the latest move that makes fans scream “WHY!?!?” before Hulk punching whoever is closest to them; Tristar has made a deal with The Jim Henson Co. to produce a new version of Labyrinth, according to THR.

Originally unknown, it now appears that the film will be a sequel to the original film, not a remake. (Update via EW)

The original Labyrinth starred the late David Bowie and a young Jennifer Connelly.  With the legendary Bowie having just recently passed, one has to wonder if this is too soon; if necessary at all.

What may be seen to some as a bright side to all this confusion is that they have tapped Nicole Perlman; co-writer of  Guardians of the Galaxy to helm the script. She worked her way up in Marvel’s writing program and is also set to be the co-writer of Marvel’s first ever female led solo movie, Captain Marvel.

How are you feeling about this GeekNation? Excited for a sequel or in a complete rage over yet another cult classic being thrown to the wolves? How do you feel about the timing? Stay tuned for any new details, right here on GeekNation.

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