This Man Changed His Name to Deadpool and Now Drives Around Houston as the Character

By July 31, 2016

Almost six months after its record-breaking theatrical release in February, and we’re still seeing the impact of Deadpool, and sometimes in ways you might not have ever expected.

There have been numerous sightings of a man dressed as the Merc with a Mouth throughout Houston, TX over the past few weeks, and either Ryan Reynolds decided to take some time off and wow the citizens of Houston, or the Merc with a Mouth has a very dedicated, new fan rising in popularity right now.

In fact, ABC 13 caught up with the man in question, who’s name is Evo Gambino, but recently changed his middle name to? You guessed it – Deadpool, and he wears the Merc with a Mouth’s costume with excitement, driving around the hot streets of the town on a motorcycle, wowing both kids and adults he passes by.

Changing your middle name to any character is a fairly crazy thing to do, and when asked why he chose to do it, Gambino enthusiastically replied:

“Why not? Maximum effort! Go big or go home! I pull up, either rev the engine or just wait. I kind of get a crowd coming to me.”

For Gambino though, the costume can also serve as a much-needed break from the depressing reality we live in right now as well, both for himself and those he sees on the road around town as well:

“It’s just — take a break from reality and see something that you normally would only see in the big screen. You can actually look out your vehicle window and see it right next to you. It makes them happy, which makes me happy. Even though I’m in the helmet and you can’t see my face, I’m smiling ear to ear the whole time.”

So if you’re ever in the Houston area sometime soon, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Merc with a Mouth on the roads around you. He might just be there.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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