‘Thor: Ragnarok’ to Introduce a New Female Superhero in a ‘Dark & Serious’ Movie

By October 13, 2015

The folks at Marvel are really hitting their stride as of late. Say what you will about their movies and their ‘execution,’ I’m referring mainly to their bang up job in casting and in hiring new blood behind the scenes and camera. This became even more apparent when they recently announced New Zealand born, Taika Waititi will helm the third ‘dark and moody’ chapter in the Thor franchise, Thor: Ragnarok.

A lot has been said on the role of diversity in a tent pole movie like this and, especially at Disney, a mandate has apparently been put in place to bring the movement to the forefront. This according to a report from my co-host on Meet the Movie Press, Jeff Sneider, film reporter at the Wrap. With Waititi’s hiring for Thor 3, an announced Captain Marvel movie plus a discussion on MTMP about F Gary Gray meeting with Lucasfilm before signing on to direct Fast 8 – it’s clear that the mandate at Disney is representing a ‘all hands on deck’ movement.

Putting that aside, I want to now focus on a report from Devin Faraci over at Birth. Movies. Death; one that get’s me VERY EXCITED for the upcoming Thor 3. Being an unapologetic Thor lover (yes, I dig the original movie and enjoyed The Dark World quite a bit); the God of Thunder’s third outing from Marvel studios might be the best yet – if not the darkest. 

Even more exciting for me…that Hulk story that dropped yesterday has seemingly been confirmed in Devin’s new report.

For those keeping score at home – the new Thor movie will be A) Directed by an accomplished director from New Zealand, B) Will apparently tie some cosmic elements into the universe setting up Thanos and Infinity War and C) Feature the Hulk in a film aside from an Avengers movie.

Exciting just doesn’t do my mood any justice. This has now become one of my most anticipated behind Captain America Civil War.

Back to Birth. Movies. Death… Thor: Ragnarok is dealing with an apocalyptic event in Thor’s timeline. And in keeping the tone of most apocalyptic movies – just how dark will the movie be?

Says Devin:

You can tell from the title that shit hits the fan in Thor: Raganrok, but just how serious is the movie? It’s so serious, so dark, that Marvel decided to hire a comedy director to bring a touch of lightness to the proceedings. Yes, Taika Waititi was hired to balance out the grimness of the script and bring it tonally a little closer to what Marvel fans have come to expect.

Right there, in that first paragraph, the plan set by Marvel makes a whole lot of sense. Seeing as one of Taika’s major releases as of late, What We Do in the Shadows, is touted as a Vampire Movie for people who hate Vampire Movies, merging his sensibilities as a director with a dark and brooding script written by Christopher Yost represents a clever balancing act by Marvel – one that, if done correctly, will be another home run for the studio:

Waititi may yet be joined by another writer to help brighten the corners of Ragnarok while maintaining writer Christopher Yost’s apocalyptic vibe. One way that may happen is to up the humor between Thor and Hulk, who I have been led to believe will be not only appearing in the movie but will be playing a major role. The two heroes will be taking a cosmic road trip together, Hope and Crosby style.

Having the Hulk in a Thor movie in a major role gives me all sorts of ‘the feels;’ as mentioned. But that’s not the end of the report. Devin continues teasing, what appears to be, a favorite character from the comics set to join the proceedings: Valkyrie.

What gives me confidence in this report comes from the fact that Valkyrie was set to make an appearance in the previous Thor movie – The Dark World.


Image credit Josh Nizzi from JoshNizzi.com

The image here is from Josh Nizzi’s  concept art from The Dark World, which, for whatever reason, missed its inclusion in the movie. The beautiful art is perfect for the world of Asgard already established and, seeing as Marvel had their eyes already set on introducing her into the MCU, what better way than to do it in Ragnarok?

Valkyrie, if you don’t know, was first introduced in The Avengers comics and known as Brunnhilde. In the past she’s hung with Dr. Strange, and fought against Enchantress.

Devin is unclear in what capacity Valkyrie might be used in this movie but supposes that she might be set up for a solo outing down the line.

He admittedly says his sourcing is a little “muddled” for this due to the regime change behind the scenes but clarifies that you should keep all this in mind when reports surface that women are meeting with the higher ups at Disney/Marvel.

To break it down like this: before you shout from the rooftops that ‘such and such’ actress is meeting for Captain Marvel, instead, understand that it looks as if some “great women” will be cast and it might be for parts other than Captain Marvel. And that alone has me very excited.

But not as excited as I am for the buddy/buddy – road trip through Hades adventure Thor and the Hulk will find themselves on just as soon as the production gears up. For this plot point, I will be looking on with great interest.

Because, as you can see, I am ecstatic by all this news. Introducing the Hulk into Asgard with Thor, in a dark chapter with potential to include some of the more badass women characters from the Cosmic Universe is an idea worth pursuing. As I like to say in discussing news like this – although it’s a rumor for now – it makes perfect sense. Two sources have now claimed the Hulk will be joining Thor, and a woman superhero in the guise of Valkyrie has been introduced into the conversation, complete with past concept art from The Dark World…  this movie is shaping up to be something special.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theatres July 28th, 2017. Which can’t come soon enough.

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