TNT Scraps Their Teen Titans Live Action Adaptation

By January 8, 2016

So, it looks like TNT has scrapped plans to bring the Teen Titans to live-action life.

Speaking at the winter TCA’s, TNT president Kevin Reilly confirmed that the project, entitled Titans has been cancelled by the network. Although he didn’t make an official announcement, when asked about the status of the series, here’s what he had to say (Thanks to Variety for the heads up!):

We just decided it wasn’t quite where we wanted to go.

Vague, but to the point. You’ve got to respect that. This is pretty disappointing, though, because the one thing that DC Entertainment does well is television. I am a big fan of both Arrow and The Flash (and looking forward to Legends Of Tomorrow later this month) and while Supergirl isn’t really my cup of tea, it has a fervent fan base that propelled it into a full season pick up last fall. It would have been interesting to see what TNT brought to the table in regards to tone and character, since the three networks that currently air DC properties have all taken a slightly different path.

Dick Grayson is a character that has never quite been captured right on the screen and it would have been nice to see him, and Nightwing, done a little justice. My guess is that the network was handcuffed in what characters they could and couldn’t use and it just didn’t make sense for them to continue.

Of course, this is all speculation on my part. I guess it’s also possible that the network might change its mind down the road and move ahead with the series. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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  • KeithAdams

    “Titans” is dead and yet “Teen Titans Go!” lives on. Talk about ironic.