Tom Hanks Is Set for Yet Another ‘Da Vinci Code’ Sequel

By August 27, 2014

Curious to know what Tom Hanks will be doing this spring? He just might be making a sequel to one of your favorite films. Uh, maybe. Not Joe vs. the Volcano, so calm down.

Deadline reports that Hanks is set to start filming Inferno this April, the third film based on a Dan Brown sequel that first kicked off with 2006’s The Da Vinci Code. (For those of you keeping score at home, this is the third film, though author Brown has penned four books in the Robert Langdon series — sorry, The Lost Symbol). Hanks will be directed by Ron Howard, who previously directed both The Da Vinci Code and its followup, Angels & Demons. The team will be joined by producer Brian Grazer and screenwriter David Koepp (who also helped pen 2009’s Angels & Demons).

The film will lens in Italy — appropriately enough, considering the film’s plot is set in the country — and there’s no word if we can expect any further globe-trotting from the production (though Brown’s novel zips around Europe). Per Deadline, “in Inferno, Langdon awakens in an Italian hospital with amnesia. He teams up with Sienna Brooks, the doctor he hopes will help him recover his memories and prevent a madman from releasing a global plague connected to Dante’s Inferno.” Oh, fun!

Wikipedia adds in some compelling information, sharing:

In Inferno, Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with no memory of the events that led him to be in Italy. Soon he realizes that someone is trying to kill him. Langdon travels to Florence, Venice, and Istanbul with Doctor Sienna Brooks to prevent a biological attack in the form of a new strain of the Bubonic plague that is sought by a rogue former member of a shadowy consulting group called The Consortium. In the course of this, Langdon must decipher clues employing allusions to the works of Sandro Botticelli and Dante Alighieri, the writer of The Divine Comedy, and, more importantly Dante’s Inferno.

There’s all sort of wild stuff at play here, including an early reveal that an actual assassin is after Langdon, a subplot about overpopulation, and a number of twists that are pretty jaw-dropping. The film should be entertaining enough, perhaps less wonky than the previous two, and it very much paves the way for more Langdon films (and, presumably, more Langdon books). Take a look at a trailer for the book — it’s fiery!

The bestselling novel was released in May of last year. Inferno the film will likely arrive at the tail end of 2015.

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