Tom Hiddleston Set to Star in Ben Wheatley’s Ambitious ‘High-Rise’ Adaptation

By February 5, 2014

In news that will send all manner of nerd hearts aflutter (yes, including ours), everyone’s favorite superhero villain is now set to team up with one of today’s most exciting emerging directors for an adaptation of a classic British novel about utopia gone mad. Consider our tickets purchased.

ComingSoon reports that director Ben Wheatley (Kill List, Sightseers, A Field in England) will next direct an adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s “High Rise” with no less than Tom Hiddleston leading the cast. Wheatley himself announced the good news on his Twitter, also sharing a swanky new poster and word that Jeremy Thomas will produce the project from a script by Amy Jump. Thomas has previously produced films like Only Lovers Left Alive, A Dangerous Method, and Fast Food Nation. This adaptation has reportedly been a dream project for Thomas – he’s been trying to make it for over thirty years. Clearly no stranger to passion projects, he is also currently producing the long-gestating Terry Gilliam project, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.

Jump, of course, is one of Wheatley’s constant collaborators, as she helped pen all three of his previous productions (the duo are also working on another new Wheatley production – the monster-hunting Freakshift). Oh, and they also just so happen to be married (there’s nothing like shared interests to bond a couple, and these two seem to have that in spades).


Ballard’s novel is an incredibly intriguing one, and a film version of the book will be both a big step forward for Wheatley and a nice change-up for Hiddleston, who has done his best to enjoy his Loki-centric fame and still do very different kinds of projects.

The novel, published in 1975, is eerily prescient, as it’s set in a massive high-rise building that provides everything for its residents – from a grocery store to its own school. It’s precisely those amenities, however, that form the backbone of the book’s spectacular crumble into madness, as the residents of the high-rise quickly become so invested in their new society that they shun the outside world and organize themselves in a rigid class system (yes, the lower class literally live on the lower levels) that soon come to blows. Wheatley has long specialized in brutal violence with an amusing edge and social commentary to boot, so High-Rise sounds perfectly in line with his tastes, albeit on a larger scale. The addition of Hiddleston is also compelling – mainly because we can’t wait to see if he lives or dies, becomes a bad guy or holds on to his humanity, and what he personally picks at that nifty supermarket.

Wheatley’s High-Rise is set to start filming in June.

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Kate Erbland
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  • Thomas Leath

    This sounds like it could be really good!

    • It will be tough to stop Hiddleston now. He’s hot commodity, now it’s all about the choices. people love him, critics love him, now he just needs to ride that train.

  • bree

    I have read the novel and am really looking forward to seeing it in its theatrical version. Hiddleston is one of my favorite new actors and I think the will be perfect for this part as it will expand upon his already incredible film career.

    • Hiddleston is on a streak, that’s for sure. Wheatley is an intense filmmaker, so we’re excited to see what that pairing will bring.