Tony Stark Finally Meets Riri Williams in New ‘Invincible Iron Man’ Issue

By August 6, 2016

We’ve known for several weeks now that Marvel Comics will soon be replacing Tony Stark as Iron Man for a new, 15-year-old black girl from MIT named, Riri Williams, who in recent issues of the Invincible Iron Man series, not only built her own Iron Man suit based on one of Tony’s old designs (and with far less resources at her disposal), but also helped to stop a prison break in New Mexico.

We’ve seen what Williams’ eventual Iron Man armor is going to look like later this year, when she fully assumes the mantle that Stark will leave behind as well, but now finally, we get to see the two characters cross paths for the first time.

Unveiled by Comic Book Resources, this week’s issue of Invincible Iron Man #12 brings together Stark and Williams, as the genius hero interrupts a conversation between the MIT student and her mom about the dangers of being a superhero:

riri and tony 1

Even despite the argument going on between the two, Tony stops Riri’s mom in her tracks it seems, almost immediately impressed by the young girl’s ambition and drive, knowing that nothing will come between her and what she wants. So instead of trying to convince her to stop – he offers to take them both out to dinner, in true Tony Stark fashion.

riri and tony 2

It’s hard to tell exactly what leads to Tony giving up the mantle of Iron Man, what the final straw will be that’ll motivate him to take a break at least, but from these few panels alone, it already looks like Tony and Riri’s relationship could prove to be an entertaining one for readers.

Obviously, the decision itself has been on the receiving end of some heavy criticisms from fans, as most things like this are, but so far, it looks like the kind of mentor-protege relationship that only Tony Stark could have, which should end up being more entertaining for that very reason.

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