‘True Blood’ Recap: Episode 6: “Don’t You Feel Me”

By July 22, 2013

So last night had it’s fair share of shocking moments…am I right? Explosive Fae sex, a beheading, and some serious feels all make episode 6 of this season of “True Blood” maybe the best episode of the season? I know that’s not saying much..but STILL!

We start where we left off last episode: Sookie being drowned by the spirit of her dead daddy. Bill felt her struggle and reluctantly released Warlow to go save her. Then Sookie sent her dead daddy’s spirit packing and saved Lafayette from being slaughtered by Warlow. Phew! Because much like Eric’s shirtless chest and lip-licking, “True Blood” would be unwatchable without Lafayette’s quips.

Back at Vamp Camp, Eric and Pam prepare to fight but OH SNAP! Instead they hit the gunmen behind the walls.

Eric sees Steve Newlin behind the glass. Hilar!

As Bill tries to summon Warlow back, Sookie takes him to a fairy safe haven. Meanwhile, Jason is passing his LAVTF training with flying colors, Bill is making Prof. Hido Takahashi help him get comatose so he can communicate with Lilith, and Sam and Nicole are shown in a storyline that NO ONE GIVES A FLYING F ABOUT.

Warlow warns Sookie to tie him up, since he hasn’t fed and doesn’t want to hurt her. How cute is Warlow? It’s almost as if he’s never seen “True Blood” seasons 1-5. SOOKIE LIKES GETTIN’ BIT!

Then something happened with Alcide while I went to refresh my bowl of Cherry Garcia.

In perhaps the saddest “True Blood” storyline ever, Terry acts all suicidal in front of Lafayette and then sets off a chain of events leading to Arlene having someone glamour his pain away. And his plan to have himself killed. Gulp.

Back at Vamp Camp, the Governor gets revenge on Eric by infecting Nora with a deadly dose of Hep-V. Then Eric looks really hot, while touching us all with his sweetness. It’s nice to be touched by Eric. Even emotionally.

Bill’s meeting with Lilith goes boringly, as does Sam’s surrender of Emma. Terry gets completely glamoured and at least we get to see him at peace before he’s, you know, resting in peace.

Jason is busted by Sarah Newlin at Vamp Camp, Willa asks her dad to put her in general population, and then Sam/Alcide storyline brings everything to a screeching halt again.

When Bill comes to, he sees a news report that the Governor is putting True Blood back on the market. He downs some fairy blood and then goes out into the sun. Looking much more badass then the last time he went in the sun.

Back at Vamp Camp, Sarah Newlin takes Jason to the copulation study room and defines copulation for him.

Then she brings in Jessica to basically get raped. Fortunately, this traumatic scene ends rape-free. And we all get to fall madly in love with hot vamp, James. Will Jessica do the same? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

Snot-crying moment ALERT! Terry gets shot. I was really hoping the shocking death hinted at this episode would’ve been in the werewolf storyline, but am grateful that it wasn’t Pam. RIP Terry: you weren’t the worst storyline, but you were close. So take comfort in that? I guess?

Also: Arlene is officially giving Sookie a run for her money in the ‘bad luck with men’ department.

But wait! There’s more! Shocking death that is! Bill goes to the governor’s compound, gets riddled with bullets and then rips the governor’s head off.

I honestly didn’t see that coming. Does this mean Sarah Newlin will become this season’s big bad? Sounds like a plan!

Back at Vamp Camp, Eric saves all the ladies and discovers that the True Blood coming back onto the market is full of Hep-V.

But let’s get to the episode’s biggest shocker shall we? Sookie totally bangs Warlow. Okay, I guess Sookie banging a supernatural being isn’t that shocking…but I definitely didn’t see it coming. No pun intended.

First she was all like, revealing her feelings.

Clearly Warlow knows the way to a girl’s heart is denying that she’s a danger whore. Then she was all biting him in the neck, real danger whore-like.

Then they both exploded in a fae-gasm.

So I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more of this twosome. Which isn’t at all a bad thing.

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments!

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