Twitter’s Favorite Action Hero Dads!

By June 16, 2012

In celebration of Father’s Day, I posed the question on Twitter, “Who are some of the best action hero dads?” Overwhelmingly, the top three choices were John Matrix from Commando, John McClane from Die Hard, and Harry Tasker from True Lies. In addition to those three whom hundreds suggested, here are some more best action hero dads people on Twitter came up with:

Indy and his father might have gone years without seeing each other at times, but it’s not like they could text each other back then.

Notice how often Bruce Willis turns up on this list.

Ah, Hit-Girl! How many other little girls get to play with real guns and knives for recreation and sport?

I compiled this list of “Action’s Most Ass-Kicking Dads.” Can you think anyone who isn’t on this list but should be?

This is the Action Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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Action Chick

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