The Best Sesame Street Parodies: Upside Downton Abbey & More

By February 5, 2013

Since 1969, Sesame Street has delighted, entertained and educated children across several generations with their catchy tunes and sketches about topics like sharing, cooperation, counting, spelling and other general life-lessons geared at forming a well-rounded child.

In the last few years, the “Street” has stepped up their game by taking iconic shows (both family and adult-oriented) and repurposing them for kids who have ZERO idea what the actual show looks like but can now do things like count to 30!

The most recent parody to pop up is Upside Downton Abbey, a parody of the PBS’ hit British period drama, Downton Abbey, only this time teaching (you guessed it) the difference between upside down and right side up.


This got me to thinking about other Sesame Street parodies I’ve caught throughout the years on YouTube and I’ve selected a few wee smackerels for your perusal!

30 Rocks (30 Rock)


KUDOS for making Liz Lemon an ACTUAL lemon and the Jack Donaghy character is to die for. I’m also impressed the Street’s raised the bar on counting; when I was a kid, they only went up to 20.

Law And Order: Special Letters Unit (Law And Order: Special Victims Unit)


Holy balls, how dead on is that Munch (Richard Belzer) muppet?! The Stabler (Christoper Meloni) muppet is divine, too…can you imagine if they’d had Belzer and Meloni ACTUALLY do the voices? It’d be like googling Google!

And sometimes the Street gives a little gifty by offering parodies from different inceptions of same show!

Spaceship Surprise (Star Trek)


And of course, Spaceship Surprise: Next Generation (Star Trek: TNG)


Someone needs to get me a Picard muppet right now…you, make it so!

One thing the Street’s also known for is getting high profile recording artists like Lena Horne, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys and more to not only be a guest on the show but retool one of their hit songs in order to visually educate while entertaining.

One of my faves over the last few years has been the “controversial” Katy Perry appearance with Elmo back in 2010…


Apparently her boobs were eye level with Elmo but let’s face it, her breasts are so ample that even *I* would be at eye level with them…oh, and it’s a PIECE OF CLOTH she’s singing with. But then again, I’m not a parent so what I see as “not a big deal” may be a VERY big deal as far as a kid goes.

And OMG, Cookie Monster…

Share It Maybe (Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jespen)


Luckily, the Muppet Wiki has provided a complete list of both their song and sketch parodies AND you can find virtually ALL of them on YouTube (I recommend hitting their official YouTube channel first)!

I hoped you liked this, and this is crazy…but if you liked it, then share it maybe?

Heh heh, couldn’t help myself.

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