Venom Movie May Be Called ‘Venom Carnage’, Could Drop in 2017

By August 4, 2014

Today’s big news is that Sony plans to make a female-led superhero film in 2017 that will feature a character from the Spider-Man universe. But buried in the original piece reporting that news at Deadline, there’s another little tidbit of information that’s worth talking about – and it involves the future of a couple of Spidey’s most iconic villains.

The site says that Sony’s long-planned Venom spin-off is being called Venom Carnage, and that the movie is still in development with Alex Kurtzman and Ed Solomon writing and Kurtzman lined up to direct. The would-be director is going to be a little busy revitalizing The Mummy for Universal for the foreseeable future, but the site claims that Venom Carnage could also hit theaters in 2017. That’s a relatively quick turnaround for a studio that doesn’t seem to know exactly what they’re doing with the Spider-Man film franchise – evidenced by the fact that they’ve bumped The Amazing Spider-Man 3 back a year and have taken The Amazing Spider-Man 4 off their release calendar.

As for what the film will be about, well…with the word “Carnage” in the title, there’s a pretty good indication that we’ll see Cletus Kasady taken over by a symbiote alien lifeform. Carnage has been a character that the studio hasn’t introduced in its on-screen Spidey adventures yet, and with Drew Goddard working with the major villains in The Sinister Six, it should be interesting to see if Venom and Carnage make the cut in a reworked version of that team or if they’ll be held back for their own movie. There are a lot of ways the studio could go with this, but I wonder if Carnage still has as big of a fan base as he once did. If not…well, that video game will always be awesome.

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