Vince Vaughn Talks ‘True Detective’ Season 2

By February 12, 2015

One of the most critically-acclaimed series to ever come out of HBO’s original programming lineup, Nic Pizzolatto’s “True Detective” took viewers on a decades-spanning murder investigation with some greatly tuned character work, all accentuated by fantastic performances from the principle cast members. With season 2 ramping up soon, one of its stars has spoken a little bit about what it’s like following the acclaimed first season, what the setting is like, and whether or not any pressure is created from continuing the series.

Vince Vaughn recently spoke with Playboy for an in-depth interview, and one of the topics of discussion inevitably became the second season of the hit HBO series. Vaughn, who joins other new cast members Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, and Kelly Reilly, seemed to feel pretty comfortable with continuing the show in the face of the acclaimed first season because he feels it’s going in a very different direction. He said,

Nic Pizzolatto is such a great writer, and so much of this is driven by his stories. I thought Woody and Matthew did an exceptional job with the first season. This one’s very different, though. It’s a totally different story, with its own characters. The thing that’s consistent is the richness of the characters and the quality of the material.

One of the primary factors contributing to the difference between the show’s first and second seasons is its setting. Whereas the first season embraced the southern Gothic style within its narrative, season two of the show will instead be taking place in Los Angeles, California. Vaughn feels that the major differences in tone come from the idea that the story seems to be “birthed” in L.A., whereas the first season’s Louisiana setting was a natural fit for the kind of story it told for its own characters.

Vaughn’s character in the show, a criminal in danger of losing the empire he built due to a foray into legitimate business, says that his enthusiasm for the material drew him both to be a part of it, but would also drive him to watch it because of its inherent strength.

I really like my character. Nic is so great about investigating characters and their complexities in an authentic and engaging way. I want to watch this show not because I’m in it but as a fan of the material.

For more from Vaughn, be sure to read the full interview at Playboy. “True Detective” season 2 is expected to debut on HBO later this year, but a specific date has not yet been announced. For more on the show’s second season as it develops, keep an eye on GeekNation.

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